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  1. Saffana at | | Reply

    Diva Indeed.
    Her facial features are lot plainer than other bollywood stars, but her dress sense makes up for that.

    1. KityPurry at | | Reply

      Plain features? I don’t think so at all! I think she’s VERY sharp. She’s got beautiful fiery eyes, amazing smile and a very good bone structure. I like her nose as well. Plain is something like…say, Priyanka Chopra.

  2. ms. meow at | | Reply

    She’s so stylish. I look forward to her appearances. Seriously, she must consider a career in fashion designing, or styling or something. She is hands down the best dressed girl in the industry. I love these girls (Rhea and Sonam), so cute, young and a class apart.

    1. duh at | | Reply

      yeah she is, she could have been a model too, but she already has a different career. i don’t want her to be all over, otherwise she will be criticised harshly. let her establish herself in acting which she started off with then maybe someday. i don’t like celebrities, socialites, or anyone who have no experience of actually sitting, drawing and making garments and jewelleries getting into becoming a designer.

  3. kiwi at | | Reply

    I love this.. this girl can do no wrong

  4. oshoriri666 at | | Reply

    sonam’s hand looks so weird….like a wax figure

  5. Aarthi Sankaran at | | Reply

    Thanks for posting! I love the blazer, ordering mine!

  6. KityPurry at | | Reply

    Stunning picture!! Love the styling and hair and make-up. Can we see the whole shoot please,P n P? :)

  7. cooks at | | Reply

    I think she spoiled the look by wearing a printed t-shirt inside.

  8. sheena at | | Reply

    not her best look. i think its the make-up

  9. Usha at | | Reply

    Loving her hair…..I always love the way she styles her hair

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