In Alpana & Neeraj


Having seen some of Alpana & Neeraj’s other structured dresses, this one wouldn’t have been our first pick for Sonam. Perhaps, that’s why am not completely on board with this look.

You like?

P.S. Jimmy Choo sandals and earrings by mom (Sunita A Kapoor) completed her look.

Left: Alpana and Neeraj, A/W 2010
Right: Sonam Kapoor at Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol Screening

Photo credit: Twitter


  1. the belt makes the dress very chic and a stand out. on sonam, it just looks like a badly draped curtain. sonam should really keep her big, beautiful simle while posing because she just can’t work the pouty look .

  2. Hate that lip color , it’s an aunty shade … It makes her look older … And what’s with this boring hair , she looked better at the gucci event .

  3. Woahh the cavewomen is going for hunting…no wait is that a dead animal on her shoulder already..and she is sad coz that is not enough to feed her whole family…comeonnnnnn a bit of humor is neccesary…

  4. I concur with others on the missing belt… also the dress seem to sit better on the model 9again, maybe because of the belt). makeup looks good, except the lip color…

  5. Not crazy about the dress but loving her make up. After a long time Sonam’s got her make up just right and is looking fresh and dewy.

  6. The dress may look like a potato sac/trash bag, but Sonam still looks fabulous!
    There’s something about her which makes her look just SO glamorous!!

  7. with all thats being written on this page, I guess I can agree but what I have to say is im proud of sonam for advertising and wearing indian designer’s clothing. Keeping the desi spirit alive.


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