1. Hey P&P you are NOT biased . I have seen you give the right opinion on dressing sense of many a celebrities .
    Sonam is a true fashionista , her styling troupe and her willingness to take risk is well paid .
    Every passing day she is giving one look better than the other- wether if is Desi Avtar or Videsi .

  2. Sonam is truly a fashionista and there is no comparison what so ever…….simply breathtaking and stunningly beautiful.

  3. O.M.G !!!!! look at her…Stunning !!! & BRAVO!!! she is probably the only lady who brings us out of monotonicity (caused due to other ladies here :P)…and boy she is looking SO TALL in last pic…freaking great look after so long !!

  4. She looks regal. Impeccable gown (love black and gold), makeup, HAIR, clutch; just wow!! My only gripe is the belt which I find unnecessary. And I’m dying to know the shoes!! But you got it right this time P&P, she epitomizes perfection here.

  5. No bias here – she looks FAB! I do like that she went all out for the Vogue event. The last picture is particularly striking.

  6. I just dont like sonam kapoor period. But she is not looking bad here i must say that. Fashion should be easy this lady i feel gets up and says which ramp show outfit i should pick today with the hair do and all.

  7. Even if you guys are told you’re biased…you are completely justified…c’mon just look at sonam…wow…bringing grace and femininity to that bold and structured outfit…WOW!!!

  8. I like the way she chooses to dress herself up with so much variety to display… There are a few times when she comes out trying too hard or the styling is something I personally don’t like. But gotta give it to this girl that in these times where tight body hugging minis, gowns, loud colors have become a standard for many, she experiments and with success…

  9. She does look great here but what’s painful is that she tries soooo hard to be the Sarah Jessica Parker of Bollywood. Even SJP has here relaxed days, but not this lady. Her every sec is spent plotting her next “fashionista” (arrrrgh this term) look

    • Don’t you plan what you gonna wear the next day?! I think many would agree with me if I say, whenever you are supposed to attend for an event first thing any girl thinks is “what am gonna wear”!!!!!

      • Absolutely agree that most people plan what to wear the next day or event…but Sonam here looks like she has dedicated her second and minutes trying to live up to the so-called fashionista title she has been bestowed upon (or so i seem to think).

    • So whats wrong in that..i mean there are many who love to get dressed (i m one of them :P) if she fancy desginer wears,high fashion way then i think it should be okk..i mean whats not there to be not ok…

      • Nothing wrong! Great to play the game of fashion-fashion but she is oh-so-contrived. The fun factor is so missing from her game. Given that she is the high fashion goddess but where are her boo-boo days? SJP’s disaster outfits are more fun than Sonam’s carefully orchestrated costumes.

        Think Soniya Mehra is so much more fashionable and fun. Sometimes a Forever21 outfit is more fun than a Alexander McQueen outfit

        • Obiously..if something is coming from the stable of McQueen,then it doesn’t mean that it should be better then anything else in the world….and here we talk about what is shown in that particular post and comparing that outfit with some xyz outfit that exist somewhere but not on the same person or in the same event is simply not done (imo!) and we all have our off days so anyone can look better then anybody else…and at the end its all relative!!!

  10. Yes she looks good But yes I agree with “Lulu” Sonam tries so hard to be the SJP of Bollywood. She may have paved the way for Bollywood actresses to use the services of a stylist however she lacks originality and is in no way fashion forward like Anne Hathaway, Gwyneth Paltrow, Cate Blanchett and of course SJP :)

  11. Anybody – literally anybody – would look this fab if they had Anaita Shroff Adajania, Namrata Soni and the pick of the latest designer collectios at their disposal.
    This a, as with all her other looks, screams ‘team effort’ more than personal style.
    She look great, but then anyone else in her place would too.

    • do you seriously think that other contemporary actresses don’t have stylists and make up artists to make them look good for an event? in fact despite having stylists and designer collections at their disposal, many actresses fail to make a mark with their sartorial choices.

      • A – of course they do. But atleast you get a sense of personality and personal sensibility – good or bad. Sonam, however stunning, is now just a clothes horse/ model. And just always so contrived and painstakingly put together. Like i said, nothing effortless about her. The clothes wear her, more than the other way round.

        • I will have to disagree, i think her clothes show her personality and that she is not afraid to take risks. I dont think i have ever spotted sonam in the everyday cocktail dress or the skinny mini herve leger? She shows her personality through her choices and thats the reason why she is so well known for her fashion in comparison to her movies. As to the ‘clothes wearing her’, I hardly think she would be able to pull of that gorgeous McQueen gown if the clothes were wearing her. She pulls it off and that too with great poise.

    • Totally agreed!! Same goes for deepika. I don’t consider her a fashionista because before she hired Anaita as her stylist, she was a fashion disaster.

      • Completely agree with A! Last week Eveleyn wore an Alexander McQueen and was a total disaster…talk about having access to designer wear easily

        • Finally! As to people saying that the clothes wear her, Evelyn’s McQueen disaster just goes to show that not everybody can pull off edgy clothes despite having access to A list designers

    • Everybody has a stylist. Have you forgotten Deepika Padukone in ganjis and ripped jeans event after event? Or for that matter, Kareena Kapoor with the hideous coloured hair in totally event-inappropriate tackatastic clothes or sequinned Manish Malhotra saris?

    • Do you really think all other actresses end up picking clothes for them? Maybe some do clearly and have failed miserably (Amisha, Amrita, etc.)

      What I admire about Sonam is her ability to go out of the comfort zone and take on major risks. Most of which she able to pull off with ease …. I have never seen Priyanka, Deepika or Kareena do anything close … and lets not even talk about Vidya!

      I only other “risk taker” other than SK is Neha Dupia and Sameera Reddy.

  12. Love the hair…whatever I may think of her sartorial choices, i love that she does something new with her hair every.single.time. My biggest gripe with bolly celebs is that the absolutely refuse to budge from their hair comfort zone, not this one. That said, i think the belt is a complete eyesore for this look. So and not in sync with everything else.

    • I agree with you about Bollywood celebs and hair. That is my biggest gripe as well. Centre part and long, bas, nothing else. Cutting bangs becomes a big deal (refer Anushka). I admire Mandira and Bipasha (the younger, more experimental Bipasha) who at least took SOME risk with their tresses.

  13. She looks pretty but like everyone said it screams “Im trying to be different!” Most of her looks, even though good, never seem effortless.

  14. Absolutely love…..I may not always agree with her sartorial choices…..but here she looks great.and special mention to the well done make up ( matching her skin tone) …..which is usually chalky

  15. Sonam looks fab here…love the way she’s carrying the look.

    Someone mentioned “originality” – I think almost all the actress brigade today are products of a great team effort be it hair, make up or outfit. There seems no originality or individualism, be it Sonam or anybody else. It all boils down to who is able to carry off the results of all that effort – some do and some flop. So, it’s a tad silly to attribute all credit to the actress’s personal style, especially because the difference between their ‘hit’ look and ‘flop’ look is so much that it clearly shows they are just a reflection of their stylist team’s choices.

    Since someone mentioned SJP – now she has shown over the years that she has a distinct style of her own. I’m sure she has a team working with her as well, but even when a look of her’s is criticized or called a ‘flop’ you can see it has her signature stamp on it.

    When I think of distinct individual style, names like Sabina Chopra and Shabana Azmi and Nandita Das pop up – these ladies have shown time and again that a thread of their personality runs through each of their looks . For me, that is a true signature style. And the starlets that regularly feature on these pages have miles to go before (if ever) developing a personal, strong style statement no matter how much we fan over them!

  16. Hey P&P..i don’t think you are biased…Sonam looks good…Just out of curiosity was Neha one of your favourite looks as well?
    I loved Neha Dhupia’s outfit and when it comes to looking beautiful I thought Dia Mirza took the cake (she has a radiating face) and looks good even in the wrong outfit.

  17. So I have a question for all those people who keep saying she tries too hard, she is a wanna be and what not and then you start throwing names of Hollywood fashnistas? What does that mean? What’s wrong with trying hard and making yourself look good? And the comments about Sonam wanting to be like SJP…Do you think SJP doesn’t have a team of stylists? You would accept her and alike but not Sonam? Why? Would you come to this blog looking for her if she looked like the girl next door? I think not!

    • SJP has created a style of her own – sometimes pretty, sometimes costumey and sometimes pure obnoxious. But she rarely tries to be someone else. But Sonam is just grabbing anything and anyone’s look she considers fashionable. Of course i don’t hate her because she has a team working for her. If anything i am jealous that she gets to dress up so well and has people telling her how to. I just think she is contrived and does everything for effect. Kiran Rao is hardly girl-next-door and she is very fashionable

      I already responded to someone above but here’s posting it again for you. I hope this answers your question just a little. Also adding my 2-pence

      Nothing wrong! Great to play the game of fashion-fashion but she is oh-so-contrived. The fun factor is so missing from her game. Given that she is the high fashion goddess but where are her boo-boo days? SJP’s disaster outfits are more fun than Sonam’s carefully orchestrated costumes.

      Think Soniya Mehra is so much more fashionable and fun. Sometimes a Forever21 outfit is more fun than a Alexander McQueen outfit

      • & a forever 21 outfit is out of place @ Vogue Awards. Sonam has access to Designers & there is nothing wrong with taking advantage of it. Not to forget that forever 21 rips off all the designers bring out first so… .

  18. I don’t think Sonam would have a problem admitting that she puts in time and effort planning her ‘looks’ and has a team of people helping her put things together. I see nothing wrong with that. There were a ton of other people at the same event dressed in designer attire, but Sonam just looks so much better put together and she takes risks in what she wears. Other actresses with stylists don’t always do that: one day she wears a traditional saree, the next day a designer dress and she changes it according to the occassion. I’m in no way a huge Sonam fan, but I think she has a great eye for fashion. That being said, of course, she also has access to a lot of things that other actresses don’t. I personally find someone like Kangna and Neha Dhupia to be more effortlesss dressers but they too think about what they’re wearing…

  19. Love, love, love – my favourite look from the night!!
    For all the blind-haters: let’s just call a spade a spade?
    Sonam Kapoor – no actor, amazing fashionista
    Deepika Padukone- developing actor, post- Cocktail style-helped fashionista, hot bod
    Madhuri Dixit – amazing actor, no fashionista, recent styling done mostly by stylists that work with Sonam K.

  20. OKK…i have just one question for all you girlies…Is it wrong to put effort?? i mean what if your look has a hint of efforts you made??

    • Nothing wrong at all. These are the same always critisizing Vidya & Ash for not making enough effort. me think, they would love to hate something Sonam wears but she doesn´t really give them the chance, + she might make them feel inferior quite a bit, because they don´t have the same opportunities she has. Sometime people foolishly compare themselves to Celebs, so they hate on them for daring things or going places. :-) #kanyeshrug

    • That was Payal’s instinct too… She thought the belt just didnt work with the velvet paneled dress and was both unnecessary and distracting. I however, don’t mind it all. I like the definition/structure it adds.

      • Quite right Priyanka……I find the belt brings a certain edginess to this outfit…not everyone could carry it though ;)


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