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  1. swapna at | | Reply

    love it

  2. no no at | | Reply

    This looks too much, also it does not look comfortable at all. there is too much fabric going all over
    it’s like she is going fly somewhere, how can someone design something like this yuk, but she got pretty face.

  3. Swapna at | | Reply

    Love love love

  4. olala at | | Reply

    so pretty!

  5. readThisSiteEveryday at | | Reply

    Business in the front, party in the back

  6. Khyathi at | | Reply

    I would totally love to rock this style!!! ?

  7. Hansini at | | Reply

    OK don’t flay me folks, but I couldn’t resist imagining VB with the double palla, will she then crook both arms?
    OK the double palla is a bakwas design idea. I vote to send it away. SK looks good though.

    1. Saya at | | Reply

      Buahahahahaha. Crook both arms.

  8. Asha at | | Reply

    From the front it looks like she’s thrown a dupatta over one shoulder. From the back…it just looks like a mess.

  9. Senorita at | | Reply

    I wouldn’t mind giving the double pallu a shot — as soon as I can figure out how on earth it works!

  10. Peachblossom at | | Reply

    Double pallu or not… I just love this saree and blouse. Sonam looks amazing and the hair/make up is easy breezy. Love this look :)

  11. Sam at | | Reply

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!! I wud do it in a heartbeat….if i had the moolah!!!

  12. SS at | | Reply

    Some of that yardage ought to have been used to cover her back. style gone out of control!

  13. shanaya at | | Reply

    Sorry but she looks her worst in these two’s “masterpieces” matronly, 8os hungover n really bland. Keep away from these two dear Sonam as there r so many nice designers otherwice

  14. GS at | | Reply

    She looks pretty, but i will stay far far away from double pallu… I can bearly manage to do pleat & pallu for normal sari… plus having open pallu on one side is a really hard to manage, cant manage 2 of those.

  15. Sup at | | Reply

    She looks so pretty with her hair down !

  16. apsara77 at | | Reply

    She looks great but somehow I don’t see this double pallu thing working on anyone else and hope it doesn’t become a style..this is a rare AJSK saree that I like!

  17. LM at | | Reply

    I like the double pallu. Quite innovative!
    Also loving the colours of the saree unlike the greenish yellow AJSK she wore previously.

  18. charan at | | Reply

    Gosh, I love it. The color is beautiful and her makeup, hair is perfect. I don’t mind the double pallu. She carries it off really well.

  19. akaa at | | Reply

    everyone’s commenting on the double pallus.. has no body noticed the blouse?? what is the physics behind that blouse??.. major props to her for carrying that off!!

  20. Lalitha at | | Reply

    Pretty sari on a pretty lady. Double pallu needs to go!

  21. Avani at | | Reply

    The saree is pretty. She looks nice. But that blouse, I am sure I can get that for some Rs 1000 in Sowcarpet including the hanging stuff. :P

  22. JENN at | | Reply

    double pallav is great only for bridal outfits! It does nothing for the figure except add loads of volume, unless the goal is to hide behind the curtains. and just like P&P said, it would be a disaster trying to handle double pallav.

  23. sahana at | | Reply

    If I have to ignore technical aspect of it she looks lovely , love the pastel blue mirror work blouse and silver earring when she is looking so lush and pretty why not?? , as far as critic goes from back it just looks like its falling off

  24. kasthuri at | | Reply

    Wow, the colours are gorgeous and she looks lovely. She is totally rocking the double pallu. Not sure how many others can. Not a big fan of the back of the blouse though. Loses the elegance the front is portraying.

  25. Anita at | | Reply

    YES! It amazes me how Sonam can look like this & then go back to horrible orange foundation the next day. She needs to stick to this hair & make-up (minus the grey/black eye make-up which makes her big eyes look small), and then she needs to get those eyebrows threaded (this shape does her no favours) and NOT fill them in!

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