In McQ By Alexander McQueen


Turns out that Ms. Kapoor was in a McQ By Alexander McQueen jersey dress on election day. Avanti Birla also wore the same print in a dress version at the ‘Ceres’ store launch with booties. (See here.)

Like either version?

Thanks ‘fashionista’ and ‘ariel001’ for the spotting.


Left: Sonam Kapoor Votes On Election Day
Center: McQ By Alexander McQueen Leopard and Check Mini Dress
Right: Avanti Birla at ‘Ceres’ Launch

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. Sonam has a long way to go before she can be considered an ACTOR, but when it comes to fashion there is no one in bollywood or Page 3 who can match her sense of fashion, she has the height, figure, $$ and sense of fashion to wear the kind of clothes she does and I must say she wears them well.

  2. okay, after looking at a proper picture of this dress, i have to admit that it’s not as bad (temperature-wise) as it appeared on sonam. earlier i was under the impression that she was seriously layering. but a sleeveless dress like this with a cardigan on top is more understandable. also, the scarfy bit seems very light and chiffon-like, so it might not be as hot as it earlier appear.

    BUT. i still think her tights are hideous, especially since they are see-through and have that ridiculous seam running down the front, they look like cheap pantyhose.

  3. I do like how Sonam wears it….even if it is a studied casualness…it looks good. Avanti’s cuff & clutch/minaudiere looks good…but that is about it.
    Avanti’s overly processed hair makes her look so dated..its like she gets her hair done in Jersey and lives in Manhattan…there’s a definite disconnect!

  4. ok so it didnt require much effort after all. a dress with a cardigan and tights. so can we take away all the ” effortless look” accolades.

  5. i’ve seen cuffs/bracelets like that on janpath. but knowing these guys, she probably CHOSE to pay 20x the actual value of the item.

  6. I disagree Suchi, it’s not all that simple, someone else wearing the same outfit could’ve looked horrible! Plus the dress on Sonam looks like she has a scarf on, it was impossible to tell that it was a dress when I saw this on TV. I think Sonam wears it very beautifully, she’s made the dress look completely different.

  7. It’s funny how one wore the same dress to the Ceres Store Launch, a fairly formal affair, while the other wore it casually just to go vote and possibly eat lunch or something!! LOLL

  8. sonam looks good but it doesnt seem effortless to me..the look seems more planned than oh lemme just put together a few things, throw em on and walk out

  9. sonam’s sandals are really bothering me. i know that style is in right now but it looks like she has some kind of ankle injury or something. like she is wearing them for a medical reason after she got hurt.
    maybe its just bc im really picky about sandals but i hate anything that resemble gladiator or whatever thats called!

  10. sonam looks GORGEOUS, and, agreeing with the majority view…it all looks soooo effortless!

    i wish i had her bank account and obviously fashion sense (coz we have all seen what happens when u have money but no style…*cough*pink barbie*cough* :P)

    and anyways, effortless doesnt mean, that ur wearing something that took 2 seconds to put on. effortless, at least to me, is like, u go “i wanna wear, this and this and this and im gonna chuck ’em all together. who cares about matchy matchy? just gonna be random and take anything”

  11. hers luks like a scarf coz its all over the place!!! if it aws in the right place it wud luk like hw it is normally!!! and she is wearing too many layers for the weather!!! jus to copy someones good fashion sense she did this!! unfortunately she cudnt pull it off and she luks really bad!!! i dont think anything suits her!!

  12. She looks pretty nice but it’s inappropriate attire to go vote! .. She shld have toned it down a notch, perhaps gone with jeans and a t-shirt or a salwar kameez.

  13. Since when did voting day had a dress code? Unless we are talking about wearing T-shirts of certain candidates.

  14. lol at all the ‘dress code’ comments! come on guys one can wear whatever on voting day…i’m sure i didn’t think so hard when i had to vote…just cuz she’s in India doesn’t mean she has to dress a certain way on election day, cuz she’s merely going to vote, not fight the elections!

  15. in defense of those who said it’s “inappropriate” for going to vote, i think they meant that to put so much thought into what one is going to wear just to vote seems a bit silly.

    (and her outfit definitely required thought, either on her or her stylist’s part).

  16. but, in sonam’s defense, she knew that she’d be photographed, so on her part i guess she did make the effort to look put together. we’d have other complaints if she showed up looking like a homeless person.

    there goes the devil’s advocate in me again.

  17. LOL, aren’t there people who dress up and put make up on a daily basis, or change to something else whenever they step out of their houses even though they don’t get photographed and has no dress code? Well, if you change to something else then this is one of her something else, which she happen to wear for voting where there was no dress code.

  18. HAHAHAH that is so funny! I totally thought it was a scarf. I guess most of our comments in the previous post does get annhilated ahaha. Anyway, I think, being who she is (a celebrity), she probably has more than one thing to do in a day, and who knows she could be going somewhere crazy after! I still think she’s rocking too many trends and that to me is a fashion faux pas. The Raybans are def classics but they’re “in” right now, the tights, the glads, the long’s all so typical. Her version of the dress does look more liek a long top anyway (so I would have done the same thing..worn it with tights n flats). I just feel like it is too fashionable to call her stylish. She just follows fashion trends instead of creating fashion trends.

  19. It honestly does not look like she put a lot of effort into it, does not look contrived at all. I wear this time of thing all the time (but replace leggings with skinny pants).. It’s the first thing I’d throw on especially in a hurry to uni. It seems natural. But if you all still think she DID put a lot of effort into it, wouldn’t you too if you were going to be photographed and have bloggers comment on your look the way everyone here does? The comments about appropriate voting dress are ridiculous, which style bible prescribes voting day wear? And would it be different if she went to vote at night? ;)

  20. i just wonder that why is there the need to wear leggings when it is atleast 35 deg cel in Mumbai!!!!! I mean its just not practical,cos if u do so, even a min in the hot sun and one would be sweating just cos one is a celebrity, this impractical ‘effortless’ style is excusable?

  21. Yeah X, I am usually rushing, and just throw in my denims and t-shirt, or dresses with tights and flats. It just takes few minutes, she could have done the same. Sometimes we forget to put ourselves in their positions. She may have wanted to wear the dress when she opened her wadrobe that day, and later decided to wear tights as well incase her parents or others might complain about the length, and it might have been another discussion for us here. She may have felt like wearing it for no particular reason. Who knows why she decided to wear tights? Why do people wear high heels when it’s so painful? Enough said.

  22. I dunno why it’s so hard to understand that she IS stylish (at least much more so than her colleagues). Proof: HHC archives:P And this look is very “normal” as many gals at my uni throw on similar stuff together: leggings, glads etc. This look IS trendy but she does not follow trends all the time (example: when she does indian or how she dressed up at the Filmfare awards was very differentl). She has experimented with original styles many times.
    And btw I love her glads:)

  23. WOW what’s with all the essay-long comments!? haha, sonam sure is a hot topic on here! I really like the dress on avanti, but i also like how sonam wears it!

    LOL I think alot of you are being a little too critical with her outfit…she’s young, trendy and having fun!

  24. i quite like sonam’s look here, and i must say whatever Avanti wears end up i do think sonam puts SOME thought into what she wears, in that she’s not so much effortless, but knows she’ll be photographed, and what, with all the fashionista labeling, she needs to play the part each time. i think some of the people here, not unlike me entirely find it a little too ‘planned and statement-y’ to be wearing alexander mcQueen to go vote, which might be true. i bumped into her at the chanel showroom at the imperial in delhi..she’s QUIIITE in tune with fashion, very aware of what will suit her and what projects the right image, i.e., of her being a young, rich, trendy girl.

    my 2 cents worth :P

  25. @ CocoNUT– lol! i think some of us here are quite protective of sonam! and maybe see some of ourselves in her :)

  26. sonam should get her due for every effort she makes to project herself in a certain way. but i think that SOMETIMES, she goes a bit too far, so it ends up looking a bit silly (and honestly, at times it also comes across as pretentious). anyway, we are all entitled to our opinions.

  27. awww peechu, that’s sweet! I’ll stick up for sonam too just because I feel like she’s been judged unfairly…i wonder if she reads this thing, or if any other celebrities on here read this thing and like leave comments under false names! hehe that would be something…


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