Round Two: Sonam Vs. Deepika


Just after having been spotted in a look that was reminiscent of Sonam’s (See here), Deepika was once again spotted in a dress that had tiny lil’ bells going off for us! For her movie, ‘Love Aaj Kal’ she was styled in the same Topshop dress that was earlier seen on Sonam for a shoot!

Now this is just getting eerie! :P


Left: Sonam Kapoor Photoshoot
Center: Topshop Dress
Right: Deepika Padukone in “Love Aaj Kal”

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. Okay, this is a fair comparison unlike the previous pink and glad face-off. I think both wear it well, although the yellow strap on Deepika is not very flattering. Sonam is at an advantage as it is a photoshoot.

  2. I agree ..sonam is in a photoshoot cant compare… but Deepika surprisingly is not carrying off the dress well…. i wonder why as she has the perfect figure too!!

  3. I think the yellow strap on her shoulder is a bag…I don’t like the white belt on deepika…and sonam’s face is soooo photoshopped! again why are we comparing?!

  4. The dress makes Deepika look …wide (although Sonam IS photoshopped to oblivion). Sonam still makes the dress look good though, Deepika doesn’t pull it off. Shame too, because it’s not a particularly difficult dress OR shillouette.

  5. ofcoz sonam’s is a fotoshoot, but the last comparisons wernt! but deepika looks a bit lik an aunty-wife typo person! come on!!! the belt and the hair???
    eeeeeks!!! sonam, lesser of 2 evils!

  6. Please stop comparing Sonam and Deepika. Why can’t they both exist in their own space?

    I don’t like this dress on either one of them.

    Finally, Sonam is not a fashionista. Do people on this forum even know the definition? She does not create or have her own style. Stop throwing that word around. Aargh!!!

  7. Agree with Carol. I liked this blog earlier because everyone was represented equally but not so anymore. Why compare Deepika to Sonam over and over again? This has become so boring.

    • Carol/annie,
      We don’t control how and when a Ditto will happen. It was just coincidence that the poster of Love Aaj Kal got released today and this was spotted. We bring news out to you as and when we spot it and nobody was asked whether anyone wore it better in this one anyway…

  8. But sonam carries anything so well than any other…coz she has that x-factor n that confidence….whereas dipika i think is so typical n she seems like a very hindustani nari wearing a western dress….she cannt carry the bohemiun style…that sonam can do…..

  9. @ Carol/annie – no offense, but this is a blog. It’s meant to feature an owner’s (P&P) own opinions. Technically they can compare if they like. Besides like Payal said its not under their control when another celeb wears the same thing. I think its fun to have a comparison. Its just a blog, something to entertain ourselves…. not take so seriously. :)

  10. Owwwwwwwwwwie.Sonam looks cool deeps ummmmmmm :(.she does not have that charm anyome.
    Sonam is The Fashionista.PPl may like or not but its the truth

  11. Guys please stop question HHC’s post. They have always done a ditto and this is clearly one. It’s not their fault that both these actresses have quite a lot of blind and warring fans. They are in the same industry and will often wear same designer stuff so deal with it.

  12. i think this is a hard dress it pull off on anyone.
    it’s just so busy even though i’m all for bright colours and florals
    sonam looks ok just cuz it’s a photoshoot

  13. I don’t think this is sonam v deepika attack at all, if it was priyanka wearing the same/similar outfit it would be compared. That is what this site is about and we love it! :)

    Here again sonam wins, deepika looks strange, very mother hubard, where as sonam makes it look young and fresh (I know photoshopping helps!!).


  14. First I totally love the dress, it looks like a dress that Kenley Collins (Project Runway 5 finalist) would make. I dont like Sonam ever whatever she wears she seems to lack style and personal statement to me, but for the first time I would go with her here she is definitely looking better

  15. Sonam’s vibrancy adds to the vibrancy of the dress. Deepika’s dull face makes the dress look odd on her. In all I hate this dress.

  16. OMG, fans CHILL! This post is for fun n fashion, okie?!! There is NO virtual war or agenda against either Sonam or Deepika, so please!


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