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  1. Jennifer at | | Reply

    what is with the weird pose and the open toed shoes?

  2. A.G at | | Reply

    She looks so elegant! Normally a large necklace and earrings would be over the top, but I think she pulls it off well, it was a jewelry event.

  3. Vvv1 at | | Reply

    Hello?! It’s hardly as if she put the look together herself. And considering she’s there for a jewellery event on behalf of Nirav Modi, it makes sense that she has a ton of jewellery on, no?

  4. The Mad Momma at | | Reply

    I guess she was paid to wear both and did so without a murmur. Else this is just not like her.

  5. Srilalitha at | | Reply

    Since it is at a jewellary event, that overdose is fine….but why does her face look a tone more “white” than her body..? not liking

    1. zeeniebb at | | Reply

      It is almost as if she is wearing a mask. Her face is two shades lighter than the rest of her body.

    2. SS at | | Reply

      Totally with you on that one. Poor thing- she forgot to have her makeup done in natural light. Makes her look ghostly. Also, enough of that red lip trend already!

  6. veenu at | | Reply

    The gown, the jewelery, the red lips – the whole look basically is making her look thin, very thin actually, in a not so good way…

  7. tina at | | Reply

    Spaghetti strap dresses make the upper body look so big on most women. It’s not suiting Sonam at all. One needs to be almost skeletal with a small frame to pull it off which Sonam doesn’t have. It’s making a thin girl look chunky.

  8. rina at | | Reply

    I don’t love it but i don’t mind it either. The gown sits well on her.The hair and red lips work well. The only thing that bothers me is that the face looks a bit white

  9. Jay at | | Reply

    Bad makeup… she needs to learn to do her own foundation as she can’t seem to find a half decent artist. Its not that hard to get max coverage without looking like a ghost for her skin tone!
    As for the jewellery… if she was paid enough she’d have thrown on a mang tikka too hehe x

  10. Reshma at | | Reply

    She looks FANTASTIC, very sophisticated and elegant.

  11. nik at | | Reply

    weird pose and her make up looks auntyish type…also a bad dress…

  12. Soniya at | | Reply

    There face is looking gorgeous. She is glowing . Lovely makeup and hair

  13. MJ at | | Reply

    Absolutely detest mixing metals, hate the gold and silver tones clash going on here. Also from the other pics, totally put off by the shimmer overload on her decolletage!

  14. lazyU at | | Reply

    The event itself bypasses any jewelry gripes we might have but I really wish I could pulled the dress up a wee bit. It looks like it’s going to fall off any minute and that makes me nervous lol!

    And while the face and body are usually in my different colours I wish the foundation matched the body more.

  15. slc at | | Reply

    Duh it’s a jewelry event. The only reason Sonam would OTT on the bling. She probably had little choice. The jewels certainly stand out…she did her job well.

  16. PRIYANKA at | | Reply

    Too much bling!!!

  17. kumar at | | Reply

    why does she always dress up like such a buddhi ? its either that or she’ll pick a 12 yr old’s frock or something.

  18. Pinkky at | | Reply

    she luks perfect. and u can never had 2 much bling (sorry if u disagree). I love this outfit, and i love how she luks.

  19. Naiad at | | Reply

    Saw a close up of this! Her ear-rings are gold and her necklace is diamond/white gold… First step of wearing jewellery together gone wrong!

    1. kasthuri at | | Reply

      People do that all the time india. It doesnt look bad to me in general.

  20. Ratna at | | Reply

    She should have worn a more simple gown to make the jewelry stand out more.
    But I like this sequin dress more than the one she wore to the F1 party.

  21. belle at | | Reply

    must be an off day…she looks bad

  22. smitha at | | Reply

    I like this slinky, sexy look on her!

  23. Rushil at | | Reply

    IT’S DUBAI PEOPLE!! over-the-top is the way!

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