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  1. Spartangirl at | | Reply

    Agree. This outfit makes her look like a caterer imo.

  2. pdaervo at | | Reply

    I get the whole, vintage/menswear inspired look she was going for…
    you kow what, the pants aren’t the most flattering in this light, but I like the look overall- I just don’t understand how it can possibly be comfortable on a plane.
    And I covet her bag <3

  3. annies at | | Reply

    haha sonam’s dressed funny in her icky black pants they look really bad – and what’s with those books hasnt she heard of a kindle i much prefer the kindle on flights rather than toting heavy books around

  4. keya at | | Reply

    Drrraaabb… thode pants are hideous… ant that vest isnt working as well

  5. nisha at | | Reply

    She is getting on a plane… She looks much better than I would!

  6. sanam at | | Reply

    the only thing i like about this look is the awesome chanel bag. other then that the outfit is hideous.

  7. anoo at | | Reply

    the black necklace looks like kenneth jay lane….its on shopbop!!

  8. anoo at | | Reply

    i think her mom or someone in the background is carrying a bottega…

  9. anoo at | | Reply

    nope…its alexis bittar….just checked it…on intermix…sorry!!

  10. Clueless at | | Reply

    Now she’s trying hard.. way to hard.

  11. Rashmi at | | Reply

    I love everything except for the pants.

  12. Shona at | | Reply

    Oh man….unflattering much? She looks gorrible. Over accesorized and a chic look gone wrong!!!! The Chanel is nice but that is about it! Whoa…What happened? But i guess everyones allowed a mistake or two ;)

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  15. Smoothiesbarf at | | Reply

    i really like this look..but its something that would look much better in a photoshoot or runway..she really likes to experiment unlike so many other bolly celebs..so gotta give her the credit..(:
    though wouldnt wear that to mumbai airport personally,the kids would point and giggle wickedly

  16. FPDP at | | Reply

    Smoothiesbarf: Agreed. Wrong place to experiment. I feel this (and makeup) is too much for a plane ride. I don’t like this look.

  17. Carol at | | Reply

    She is now officially a fashion victim. The outfit is ugly from top to bottom – the ill fitting shirt and vest, outdated the tapered leg pants, the ugly shoes and the flashy Chanel bag.

    BTW, does she want everyone to know she reads? That bag is big enough to hold the books. How pretentious.

  18. stuti at | | Reply

    Aww, she reads so much! I do too, so I am very warmed up to her and wont say she looks bad. And she doesnt! Look at her face, its enough to make you forget the ensemble. :P

  19. Roni at | | Reply

    she looks like a waitress finished from her shift….why on earth would you dress like that!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. bethFabulous at | | Reply

    Okay now this look looks way too contrived, you’re just flying somewhere..gosh

  21. VirgoVixen at | | Reply

    Oh gosh those pants are really unflattering:/
    She would’ve nailed it had she decided to go for a different pair of pants I think, not too bad:)

  22. Belle at | | Reply

    i like this look, like Smoothiesbarf said (creative name btw :P)…she at least experiments with style!
    and i give that props..coz bwood never tends to experiment…they all wear their tired combo, eg. Diya and her beads and dress; Nandita Das with her long skirts and kurta; Gauri with her…things she calls clothes; and Malaika with her teeny tiny dresses and so on

  23. monika at | | Reply

    She’s trying too hard. Poor gal.

  24. Fatima at | | Reply

    you know this pic really goes to show how much phtoshopping they did in th recent post of her photoshoot…

    i agree,its not comfy to fly in that…and yes the chanel is the only thing worth a mention….

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  26. RB at | | Reply

    It screams i am trying so hard but i want it to look effortless !! its just an overkill…

  27. Sharin at | | Reply

    What the heck is she wearing!!? I totally get the look, in fact, I don’t mind it.. but I’ve said time and time again and I’ll say it now… Style should look effortless, and Sonam looks like she puts WAY too much effort into it hence making her not stylish!

  28. Anu at | | Reply

    the pants…they are too high…infact I think she’s way too dressed up for a flight…that cannot be comfortable on a flight…I think with all the media attention on her being a ‘fashionista’, she’s trying too hard to impress and be different…

  29. sue at | | Reply

    Wow I am amazed by how plain looking she really is.

  30. suman at | | Reply

    i think she looks great…very chic!

  31. diptiN at | | Reply

    the only thing I do not like about this look are the pants. the white shirt, chanel bag, tied hair and sleevless sweater make a great airport look.

  32. Loulwa at | | Reply

    Honestly this chick can do no wrong in my eyes. I love her. She has a certain charm and innocence in her face which no other new comer has. She can wear a garbage bag and make it look classy and vintage!

  33. akaa at | | Reply

    doesn’t look fab ..but isn’t too bad either.. i kind of liek it..
    But it gives a feel good feeling.. that even Sonam can;t be perfect all the time ;) .. yeah, that’s mean, I know !!!

  34. Adit at | | Reply

    she looks tired, and then it comes to my second point- have never seen her without makeup- becos she has really bad dark circles.

  35. Payal at | | Reply

    i like it..she’s the only one who can carry this off..tall that she is. she looks diferent, experimental.

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  37. Bella at | | Reply

    failed tryhard, looks like aunty ji.

  38. Lalitha at | | Reply

    Oh Sonam, the pants and shoes are so drab.

  39. seema at | | Reply

    i actually think this is very quirky and cool, people usually change into pjs on flight..reminds me of chloe sevigny

  40. Sheetal at | | Reply

    Those are the shoes from the bazaar spread!! i love her and her style. i think she looks awesome here..very retro chic

  41. emem at | | Reply

    too much inspiration from mr.india wardrobe?

  42. Lori at | | Reply

    anoo-um that is a man with a mustache carrying that bag, unless that is what her mom looks like in which case we need to see more pictures-she seems very edgy. The pants are ugly and unflattering and so are the shoes. Almost looks like she has bruises under her eyes and she’s lost weight but it’s probably just me seeing things. This outfit is blah.

  43. sdn at | | Reply

    Look gone awry on an otherwise perfect face. Those pants are not flattering on anyone except models – even if Sonam is very tall, she is not stick thin, so it is always going to make her look stumpy. @ annie – a book wins over kindle any day.

  44. Nick at | | Reply

    well.. considering that pics of other actors going for this event featured pretty casual looks..Sonam looks like she tried..and probably came up with a ‘look’ to sport at the airport but thats what I appreciate

  45. Nick at | | Reply

    better pants and nice pair of hairs could have been better

  46. kismett at | | Reply

    Drab waist down, its the trousers and shoes that ruin it all.

    Also for someone just traveling, she’s got alot of make-up on.

  47. Nick at | | Reply

    sorry.. i meant heels not hairs :(

  48. charan at | | Reply

    If only the pants were different (lose fit maybe) Everything else works just fine.

  49. Surbhi at | | Reply

    are u kidding me?? she loooks gr8888!

  50. koel at | | Reply

    She’s going to macau for chrissake! Considering how short that flight is,Why the heck does she need 3 books in hand and have someone else carry some more too? It’s obvious she’s showing them off because she could have just put them in her bag or some other bag. This woman is unbelievable, apart from wearing insane make-up, overtly put together outfit that cannot be considered stylish in any country, she’s also super fond of making this whole image of an intellectual.

    I read some interview of hers where she kept insisting that oh you know I read Neruda I don’t fit in this industry at all. Yeah sure woman that’s why you did assistant direction for years just waiting to get your break and never tried to get a real job. These people make me so riled up!

    As for the look, apart from the fact that she’s carrying my most favorite of the Chanel bags, she needs to chill out. Really

  51. preeths at | | Reply

    sorry but those pants look soooo suffocating! and why so dressed up for a flight? IMO she doesnt have the body to carry off these skinnies!!!

    like i have said wayyyy before.. she tries too hard and fails sometimes… just that her fans (and there are a whole lot on this site), adamantly refuse to to see it! :P

    and its funny nay that she is applauded for “atleast experimenting?” however ridiculous her “experiments” are? when everyone else is shot down without a thought and not even given a fair chance!!!

  52. loll at | | Reply

    i think ankle-length boots is the solution to this. those shoes just dont go with those pants (that i heart btw)

  53. annies at | | Reply

    @sdn no dear it doesnt 5 books on kindle win over toting around a coupla books for me!

  54. hallie at | | Reply

    brogues, waistcoat, shirt, necklace, hair, bag all perfect and very cool. if only the pants were cut differently! or maybe she’s just too tall for them?

  55. sony at | | Reply

    she is looking like a guy waiter

  56. Sharin at | | Reply

    Hahahahhahahahha @ Koel’s comment. I know exactly how you feel and totally agree!! Also if you click on my name.. I have a blog and there’s one pic of Sonam without makeup that I found.. she’s got great bone structure but def the under eye circles keep her from looking fab without makeup.

  57. Antonia at | | Reply

    Things I love – her hair & the necklaces
    Things I hate – her pants
    All the other pieces are alright – but not with those pants >_>

  58. mnnm at | | Reply

    She is a wanna be…her movies flopped that’s why she is trying too hard to be a fashionista and stay in news…

  59. somya at | | Reply

    kinda reminds me of Charlie Chaplin…

  60. assiah at | | Reply

    omdayssss this girl is tryin tooooo tooooo and flopping big time!!! she luks worse than a waitress and hw can she feel comfortable with all that on a plane!!! this is wat i call excitation!!! n finallyyyyyyyyy u guys stop defendin her!!!

  61. Karishma at | | Reply

    Ok so short & simple. She is trying tooooo hard… it is so obvious now when you follow her different public appearances… she doesn’t follow any particular style… and this androgynous look is certainly not her style compared to her previous appearances where she has worn uber femiine gowns … and I have to agree with Koel she tries too hard to sound intellectual in her interviews…

  62. Jyun at | | Reply

    I think she looks perfect. A stylish person is 50% him/ herself and the rest is up to his/ her outfit.

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