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    What happened Sona?

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      Her cat died?

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        No, her MUA left. :P

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    Love everything about this look – she looks lovely! The lip colour works exceptionally well and I love the shoes. Great change of pace and well done.

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    Oh thank god for the makeup..I have no idea what she is wearing, but the burgundy suits her.

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    This look is million bucks ,poster girl like walking straight from vogue paris. The maroonish burgandy brings sexy gothic side of her,really awesum. Loved this top to toe. And best thing to compliment is she skipped white wash and emvracing her glowing natural complexion and see it works.

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      I have to respectfully disagree on the “white wash”. This foundation (much like what she had on at cannes) is too dark/orange for her. She is actually pretty fair/wheatish so there’s no need for her to be whitewashing anyways. Years ago (2007-09), her make-up artist (Doris I think??) did her make-up and it was a lot better. More natural and really brought out her features. It seems her make-up has gone DOWN since the L’oreal deal which is a shame.

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        No need for whitewashing anyone-pretty fair, pretty dark or whitish, riceish or cornish or quinoaish.

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          Much love to this comment.

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          Ok relax, that’s not what I meant. I mean that since she’s naturally already fair/wheatish there would be no reason for her to want to whitewash anyways.

          1. Hansini at |

            Oh, I got what you meant. Since she is already pretty fair/wheatish, there is no reason that she want to white-wash. Its only the pretty dark/ whole uradish that would try, no?

          2. Sup at |

            Make up is NOT about white-washing, and yet almost every one of them does it.
            Sonam is always caked up, except for some appearances that are few and far between.

            The idea that one kind of complexion ‘needs’ it and the other blessed kind doesn’t is everything that’s wrong with make-up in bollywood.
            Exactly the same as saying certain people ‘need’ to wear slimming clothes. Why ? Hard to say except it seems the eyes of some people can’t process a range of anything.

          3. Nina at |

            I can’t seem to reply to Sup’s comment but this directly to her. I don’t understand why you’re accusing me of not being able to “process a range of anything” (what does this English even mean), when in an earlier Sonam post (the cropped jacket + skirt) you AGREED with me that she usually always wears foundation that is too dark for her skin tone. That was my point above! The truth is, in Indian society (any many others) there is unfortunately an idea of an “ideal skin tone”. If someone is already at that skin tone, or close to it, they likely wouldn’t FEEL a need (not actually needing to, but needing as in, to fit society’s standards) to make their skin lighter to match it. In fact, if Sonam was so worried about look lighter than she would ditch the dark foundation she wore to Cannes and the one above.

          4. Avani at |

            Nina, I completely agreed to your point”ideal skin tone” which in India means being fair and everyone tries to get there. White skin is celebrated & promoted in any movie industry in India and also in the society. And it is to no one’s surprise that we do sell the largest number of fairness creams. One of the make up helpers at MAC (who is an Emirati) told my friend that she should get the foundation which is at least two shades lighter because that is what the other desi girls who come there look for or buy. We were flabbergasted! Same thing goes for people who wear clothes sizes too small to look thinner, the fit ones don’t do the same is what I have observed (on and off these pages). I don’t really understand why when the facts are spoken these ladies are getting all worked up. And also, they take it way too personal, if you are not one of those who are “color” conscious or “size” conscious like how the Indian society standards for the ideal skin or size perceives to be , I don’t find a reason to be offended. The celebrities or others who actually conforms to these “standards” are the ones who need to be ashamed of themselves.

          5. Sup at |

            Avani, totally agree with you on that, it’s the people promoting such standards that should be ashamed.
            And Nina, sorry if I misunderstood you, but it sounded as if you meant being wheatish / fair was an advantage. If we both felt in some other post that her make-up is well done, that’s great. But doesn’t automatically imply we must agree on everything :D
            I don’t think I’ve ever commented on how she wears her foundation, so there you’re totally off.
            “unable to process a range of… anything” is basically frustrated english :)
            I’m grammar Nazi myself so won’t take any umbrage to that :P

            I’m not taking it personally or offended in any way, the comment sounded weird to me which is why I replied. Noone ‘needs’ or ‘not needs’ to white wash, if they are doing it, its not always because they are dark either. they just seem to do it all the time anyway. Beats me why.

          6. Nina at |

            Avani, I’m not offended at all! Why would I be? What I am irritated by, is that people on these forums (not referring to you and Sup) twist the truth because they seem to have a chip on their shoulder. I NEVER said that fair skin is better, but you have to admit that in many societies, there is a SOCIETAL notion of an ideal skin tone unfortunately, so my point was just that Sonam is one of those actresses that actually doesn’t whitewash (though I dislike that term because I don’t think anyone wants to be “white” like Kate Winslet, when the “societal ideal” is more fair like Kareena/North Indian/Mediterranean I think). I think Priyanka and especially Deepika do lighten their skin tone (and also wear horrid contact lenses) whereas I’ve never seen Sonam do the same because a. She is already kind of close to that skin tone that Indian society loves and b. She seems secure in her eye colour (which I think is lovely! It was so ridiculous to see Miss. India at the pageant recently wearing super fake contact lenses). I hope that clarifies things and thanks for the discussion :)

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          Lol, but after reading Highheel for long, sadly it does look like the white washing is done in majority by the ones who fall in the dusky-dark skinned category. Have you ever seen Karisma, Dia, Nimrat, Sophie, Kareena, Tamannah, Hansika like white wash? Their makeup could be called bad or good depending on what the commentator likes, but I am yet to see any of these “fair” skinned ladies white washing themselves. The few exceptions to being dusky and not yet white wash, I can only think of Shilpa Shetty. As for Sonam, I think her makeup is always ashy.

          1. Hansini at |

            Konkona Sensharma, Nandita Das, see Priyanka in Bajirao.

          2. Avani at |

            Hansini, we aint talking about movies because the MU there is a completely different ball game. Seen even DP white wash( wearing foundation much lighter than her skin tone) in her appearances here. Nandita & Konkana, agreed, but for me both are class apart league and I dont feel like they are part of mainstream commercial movie actors. That is why it didnt even strike me even to bring them in this equation.

          3. Avani at |

            Also, I guess my point didnt come out well. I meant to say the ones who white wash ( wearing 2-3 shades lighter than their actual skin tone) in these pages are never the lighter skinned ladies. Not saying all dark skinned ladies white wash but all the ones who white wash as seen in these pages are the dusky ones. Phew!

          4. Nina at |

            Thank-you I agree! Hansini seems to have an inferiority complex and is picking on fair or wheathish girls for whitewashing and then manipulating my words! I’m Canadian so perhaps her understanding of my english is too literal. When I said “need” I meant it in the context that if in a society fair skin is seen as more attractive (like Kareena etc) then someone who is already fair, wouldn’t feel the NEED to conform to that because they already have a skin tone similar to that. That is common sense. As for Sonam, Avani is right that her make-up is often ashy. Bad make-up does not mean “whitewashing”. If anything, Sonam’s make-up over the past few years (like above) has been too dark for her natural skin tone (you can compare it to her initial days in the industry when she didn’t wear such dark foundation), but of course NO ONE has a problem with her make-up artist making her skin darker by using the wrong foundation. The moment she stops this and permanently goes back to using the right colour for her skin tone (like in the recent cropped jacket and dress appearance), Hansini will accuse her of wanting to be light.

          5. Hansini at |

            My inferiority complex and un-understanding of Canadian English( yes, apparently there is such a thing) notwithstanding, my grouse is less so with Sonam and her insecurities or bad make-up choices as with your vast and in-depth knowledge of our Indian society and its preference for ‘ fair’ ( as opposed to unfair) skin and the your idiotic comparison of complexion tones to food grains of your choice. I am twisting your words, its called sarcasm, do you have it in Canada? And because you expose your inherent bias by assuming, light skinned girls have no “need”to white wash. That then brings us to the big flaw in your logic, that if the society indeed prefers a light-skinned tone, there there is no such thing as light enough and everyone just wants to be lighter until they become one with the Great White Light, don’t they???

          6. Nina at |

            Hansini, first off all technically speaking there is such a thing as Canadian English lol (just like American or British). But see, I don’t think you problem is with just Canadian english, as opposed to English as a whole because clearly you lack the ability to properly read! In my reply to Avani I clearly explained WHAT EXACTLY I meant by “need”. If someone ALREADY fits a societal standard of beauty then how can they change themselves to fit it!? That makes zero sense. Hypoethtically, if a certain society likes women with blue hair, and someone naturally hair blue hair, then who is that person “bluewashing”!? They have no “need” to (and by need, I mean they don’t need to bluewash IF they want to fit SOCIETY’S standards- no matter how unjust). Also, this isn’t YOUR Indian society, so get that notion out of your head. It’s a country of over one billion, and you don’t own it. There are numerous people of Indian background around the world so you can have a seat right now. Also, this isn’t a full west vs east thing. No one wants to have pale skin like Kate or Anne. Even here in the west, the “standard” is usually skin like Kareena Kapoor from Punjab or Penelope Cruz from Spain. It’s unfair, but unfortunately these beauty standards exist. Aknowledgeing that someone who is already fair or medium, isn’t “bias”, it’s called being AWARE. And as fair as “food names” go, “wheatish” is a term used in INDIAN society. If you’re so Indian, you should have known that.

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          Hansini, I think you are not seeing the point. Oh well. For me , anyone who is trying to wear foundation lighter to their skin tone(and in my observation those are done mostly by what society terms as dark skinned ), are ashamed of their dark skin, do skin whitening treatments , those who cannot embrace their body type and try to make themselves look slim are all in the same category, and their personality is just ugly. Fashion is also part of being what you are not & not forcing yourself to follow the herd in terms of skin tone, body type on what the society dictates. These ones make me sick. Maintaining your skin and nourishing it is different from white washing. Same way getting fit by exercise, good food habits is the way to go rather than wearing tight clothes assuming that it makes one look slimmer IF at all they want those sexy abs or banging body.

          1. Hansini at |

            I don’t deny what you are saying Avani..at all. I have deep objections to snarky comments that cloak deep-seated biases, that sometimes people aren’t even aware of or accept fully.

          2. Sup at |

            Somehow I feel like you and Hansini are making the same point :D

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    The first thought came to my mind ” mera haath mujhe de de thakur”. Makeup is good though.

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      Exactly! I can’t think of wearing a jacket like that.This is disturbing.

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    she’s looking a bit too severe.

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    Her mojo is coming back you guys!

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    hmmmm….. sonamkapoorIn @kunalrawaldstress @vince @ragandbone @zara @kapoor.sunita… P&P which is the vince, rag and bone, and zara in here?

    1. Payal at | | Reply

      The white top is Vince, the jeans Rag and Bone and the shoes, Zara.

      1. Aarthi at | | Reply

        Thank you!

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    I love it when she does these clean looks. She looks so chic. Sonam if you are listening it might help you if you stay away from Anamika khanna & those princess looks for a bit. I would love to see her do some pencil skirts, chic blazer looks & a bit of payal khandwala. Would not mind anavila sarees as well!

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    Color suits her a lot ..great fall look…nice change of pace..

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      +1. Nice change

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    love the color and makeup.
    I like the jacket but not the teardrop design.

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    Here shez got the contours of Mac’s face chart girl!

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    This is FABULOUS. I think it’s not just the elegant and well cut clothes- it’s probably a lot to do with the lack of her usual fatuous expressions and charmless smiling. This mature, graver expression adds much needed character to her look.

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    I am getting a Dracula vibe but she does look pretty neat.

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      Lol, this cracked me up. I actually went back to see the pics, and it really does give a dracula vibe!

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    The burgundy jacket did not need the brooch… It looks like anil kapoor’s sherwani worn as a jacket :/
    A little feminine touch was needed (maybe the brooch was supposed to do that but somehow fails!)
    Too severe for my liking

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    I can’t be the only one who finds the clutch placing very very unfortunate.

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    I am wearing something very similar to work today. Of course minus the brooch, the clutch and the red lipstick. Needless to say, Sonam looks much much better than me! :D
    Btw, VW launched a new car? Anyone checked their emissions yet? ;) :P

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    She looks good. Really pulls off the look!

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