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    Is this a copy of Gwyneth Patrow, TOM FORD. Sonam is cute but dress is tacky

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    Nice cape! LOL
    Seriously, what is this outfit?!

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    Gwyneth’s look = perfection. Sonam looks like she’s trying too hard/wannabe. That length is so terrible, she should have changed into something else! I really don’t think this is a housewarming appropriate look.

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        ++1..she is trying way too hard…this cannot be a housewarming app look..

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    overdressed as usual.

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    Dress is Alessandra Rich, and her bust area looks a bit weird.

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    Not working…this is actually comical. Always felt she tries too hard and being fashionable is really not that difficult.

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    Terrible make up. Sonam looked so lovely in that sari thing last time. A fashionista needs to know how to present herself in the best way…

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    When I saw Gwyneth’s appearance, I went gaga..When I saw Sonam, I went WTF. She’s losing her mojo.

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    The shoulder area is way better in Gwyneth’s look – here it looks like a weird attachment. And between the strange dress and the flat footwear, something is very disproportionate about the look, but I cannot put my finger on it.

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    why is she so overdressed for a housewarming party?

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    Aside from how awkward the dress is, isnt this way too fussy for a housewarming party?

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    I hope she doesn’t get those things caught when a lift closes or in revolving doors.

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    her feet looks soo untidy !
    too much makeup .
    dress looks like a long toga on a halloween day
    Gwyneth’s look was just too good to be compared to this

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    To0 Halloween costume-ish. Gwyneth’s column dress was very elegant…this is just a bad imitation. Her other recent appearance in a white Shehla K saree though was flawless. Please feature it.

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    Stop trying so hard, Sonam. You’re turning into a joke.

    Her fashionista tag needs to be taken away. She acts like she’s going to a costume party everywhere she goes. Trying way way way too hard to stand out from the pack.

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    Those flats are all wrong and so is the makeup.

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    she looks like an angel straight from a convent school christmas play

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      LOL. I second that!

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    Sonam got it completely wrong this time.

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    A true fashionista needs to dress event appropriate ……not just be stylish.she’s turning into a joke……overdressing on most occasions …..just relax a bit sonam darling

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    weird outfit for this event but I knida like her hair!

    why didnt HHC feature Sonam’s look from the Filmfare Press Conference yesterday! she wore a mint green Shehla Khan and looked amazing! it was a perfect appearance! how come that was ignored and only bad appearances of Sonam are posted?

    Can you post Sonam at the Filmfare press conference now please!

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    This is so not event appropriate. She thinks its too lowly for her to be in a jeans and t-shirt or what ?

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      Why should she appear in jeans and tee for any event!! It’s too casual for the events she attends!! But I agree here she is over dressed especially those flaps! Without those its just a long maxi!

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    No comparison to Paltrow…this is ridiculously Halloween esque!

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    Wow. She’s *always* overdressed. How is this even appropriate for a housewarming party?

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    Chappals, really?!

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    Her shoes tell me she’s at the beach, her dress tells me she’s at a red carpet event.

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    too copycat to be interesting…

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    teh fact that what she is wearing for a housewarming looks similar to what someone wore to the Oscars just speaks volumes about how overdressed she is! this is hialrious at so many levels!

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    Ugly shoes, and the dress looks like a knockoff of Tom Ford dress by a local tailor. Fit is off too. What happened to Sonam? Stylist on Vacay?

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    When you’re outfit for a housewarming party is reminiscent of something Gwyneth Paltrow wore to the Oscars, you have an overdressing problem.

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    Pulling a WTF??..more like.

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    Please feature her saree look from the filmfare awards press conf. She look so fab!

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    overdressed for d event…. n weird

    this is what happens when the gals focus on being a fashion diva… n screwing it up.

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    For a minute i thought that it was Simi Garewal!!

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      +1.. simi would have been less ott

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    this one is really good :D

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    pl dont insult the sheer brilliance of gwyneth’s tom ford moment with this comparison. actually, i just dont know why anyone would wear this to a housewarming.

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