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    Alright, call me old-fashioned, but what is it..a dress, saree (creative wrapping), half saree, duppatta wrapped around tight kameez. Whatever it is, she looks fabulous. Love the colors and that beautiful necklace…drool. Make-up is gorgeous as well.

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  2. POP at | | Reply

    Now this I love, especially after the pacman overload…wait,what? That’s before I scroll down, stare at the outfit for a minute and wonder if Anamika is playing a joke on us.
    Seriously, I just don’t get it.

  3. Anu C at | | Reply

    This is what it looked like when I wore my mom’s fancy dupattas as pretend sarees.

    I thought I looked great but then I never stepped out of the house and I was 12.

    1. just me at | | Reply

      Lol adding my comment here ’cause I also thought of the dupatta-as-sari outfit when I scrolled down – except in my case I’d draped it on my little cousin recently and she looked beautiful in it! As for Sonam, the subtle make up makes such a huge difference…she isn’t someone who can carry OTT off with any conviction so with this toned down make up and elegant hairdo I think she looks so very pretty. And that necklace is quite lust-worthy here!

    2. Paroma at | | Reply

      My sentiments exactly!!

      Like Sonam’s hair and make-up though.

      1. Anu C at | | Reply

        Agree about hair and makeup, and love the necklace.

    3. Fashionista at | | Reply

      I used to dress up like this when I was 7 Like Anu says.. Dislike the grown up version but brings up some wonderful memories of wearing my moms heels n so mismatched. I like her hair makeup n jewellery But not the blouse and pumps The blouse makes her look grannish..

  4. Sal(SS) at | | Reply

    <3 this so much.

  5. Kay at | | Reply

    Thats hyderabadi khada dupatta i guess…. Its a 6 yards dupatta/chunni wt ever u call it….But wt is she wearing underneath i dont know…

    1. FashionVictim at | | Reply

      I agree with you. Looks like an updated khada dupatta to me. I have a problem with the length of the churidaar/legging. The look is very top heavy with all the embroidery and that heavy necklace. The bottom looks kinda bare.
      Soman looks lovely and radiant nonetheless.

      1. Madhu at | | Reply

        +1. Definitely khada dupatta inspired.

  6. PrincessRuchi at | | Reply

    I think I died a little. This is Sonam’s best look. Ever.

  7. Nisha B at | | Reply

    Damnnnn i shouldn’t have scrolled down..i thought what a pretty sari it was till I got myself puzzled trying to figure what do you call that ‘costume’..is that leggings or something?why the length seem to be shorther than the other??aah well drool worthy necklace..

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    yuckkkk…okay, the jewellery is beautiful….but those pumps with the saree-like-but-not-really outfit is just a big no-no for me….she looks confident despite the fugly outfit….reallllly hate how its awkwardly draped on her

  9. Simsim at | | Reply

    Love that necklace !!!

  10. Jyoti at | | Reply

    The thing about Sonam I realise is she is drop dead gorgeous and can pull off anything. So from an aesthetic perspective, the image you posted looks great but I am not sure what is going on there. But I just love the colours, the necklace and her make up.

  11. aalia at | | Reply

    why r u guys so biased towards sonam? she has no innate sense of style but just drapes whatever is given to her and is matced right down to the tee. she has no spunkiness, no style sense at all like a dia mirza or a neha dupia ..even a kangana.
    this is a prime example- firstly, what is it? Anu C is so right when she says that all us girls draped our mums dupattas as sarees and thought we were sridevi- this is that! and to make matters worse, it is draped so badly on her skinny body.
    then the contrast of peach with black is terrible here as u can see the black through the peach…and then the necklace just throw in for good measure coz it is beautiful even though it looks totally out of place on this so called outfit.
    if you dare reach her shoes, the single most important part of any outfit, she wears the MOST bori shoes she could find…cmon this is hideous!

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  12. rings at | | Reply

    Waist up she looks great .Waist down it is weird .you guys are So biased towards Sonam.

  13. SS at | | Reply

    i don’t get the outfit either. such a lovely color and intricate thread work ruined in this sloppy excuse for an outfit.
    neck up she looks nice. Her face is so versatile, its almost unbelievable how every single hairstyle looks good on her.

  14. Ursla at | | Reply

    She looks lovely and the necklace is lust worthy but what is these wearing? Toga? Dupatta? Saree? Fancy towel?

    1. Jyoti at | | Reply

      LOL! TOGA TOGA TOGA (to bhangra beats)

      1. ST at | | Reply

        LOL!!! Fancy Towel…that’s one thing that didnt cross my mind.

  15. Ursla at | | Reply

    I meant what is she wearing?

  16. Mumbadiva at | | Reply

    Applause applause!! So wowed by this look! Duh…not sure what it is….but hey it looks great! With Sonam around there’s never a dull moment, is there!

  17. Husn at | | Reply

    Here’s what happened …
    Sonam was in Delhi for an audition of catwoman (explains the black body suit) .. n then got called to the Couture week … on the way out of the audition she bumped in a glamed up punjabi aunty .. stole her dupatta and jewellery .. drapped it around like a saree (as she did when she was 12) and got the Couture week venue in time !! :-)

  18. Soha at | | Reply

    Yeah I get it, the outfit is a little confusing. But I completely love it. Sonam looks gorgeous!!!!! I like the fact that it is different and not many people can pull it off, except Sonam :)

  19. BollyBitchy at | | Reply

    I think she looks faboolous. Can totally imagine her stealing the spotlight from all those who were present. She should wear more Indian clothes for sure. Her yogesh choudhry PAC man sari too blew my socks away

  20. shyba at | | Reply

    Looks beautiful in this still photo,i want to see when she walks hw this saree or dupatta whatever looks like?

  21. Ambereen at | | Reply

    She looks pretty…nothing special tho. I love the necklace and the colours of the outfit but when I scrolled down to the bottom love was lost

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    Jeez…where do i begin…first of all really don’t get what she’s wearing….dupatta/saree….?? what a letdown…she is totally stunning waist up…amazing makeup..hairdo…lustworthy necklace…
    PS: pls gals stop being so biased towards her..b fair..!

  23. P at | | Reply

    Loving the top half. Ignoring I ever saw the bottom. But what’s really bothersome is the very very bad fit of that blouse.

  24. KJ at | | Reply

    Except for the necklace nothing works.

  25. Éclat at | | Reply

    She looks so stunning, and I love how she’s put the look together- its easy to hire a stylist, but tough to put a personal spin on things like she does. Also love that she wears Indian clothes and designers so much unlike the other young ‘uns. She and her stylist should guest edit some of our esteemed fashion mags- that would be such fun to see!
    And that necklace, Phew! To paraphrase you two: Want. Need! ;)

  26. Heaven at | | Reply

    Like Anu C said, looks like a little girl playing dress up in her mom’s clothes. Its not just because of the dress. Recently, all of Sonam’s looks have been like this even is she wearing a structured dress like the Dior one. Someone please teach her to dress properly and stop acting a little girl.

    1. HHC Fan at | | Reply

      That’s just her! Accept her personality! She is a child-woman! Once you accept, you won’t bother about this!

  27. veenu at | | Reply

    I like this despite the ‘don’t know what to think of that saree/dupatta/leggings-half saree’ thing.

    She still looks adorable…

  28. Mansi at | | Reply

    I have a feeling that a few weeks down the like Sonam could walk out in rags and you guys will still love it. Here’s what happened. Sonam met her bai and loved how awkward the length was and promptly decided she would do it the next time. Then, she met a nun who explained the benefits of being covered up. She decided that all this has to go into one outfit. Now look at how she stepped out.

  29. Aparna Raman at | | Reply

    She looks drop dead georgeous and I am stopping with that. Period!

  30. Sunanda at | | Reply

    *Hate* the drape but wannnnnnntttttttttttt the necklace!

  31. Ahot at | | Reply

    People need to chill out. This girl is all about experimenting, & even traditional styles must evolve one way or another. We all need to remember that what we´re used to call “traditional” was quite revolutionary the time it came out.
    Love the touch of modernity she brought to this look, i NEED this necklace in my life.

  32. ig at | | Reply

    hmm..where is rest of the drape fabric? necklace is pretty.

  33. Hina at | | Reply

    Sonam looking drop dead gorgeous here.. loved the outfit, make-up, hair and everything.. full points for this look. I love this girl.

  34. Jes at | | Reply

    sonam looks stunning! the colour of her sari/dupatta is so delicate and the gold work is beautiful. the necklace really takes centre stage, and righly so as it is just lovely. as for the black blouse, it seems like a deliberate effort to keep it plain to highlight the necklace and the drape. finally the sari/dupatta’s length or the way it is wrapped around does not bother me. its unconventional but so what? its experimental, courageous and she carries it with aplomb, its definitely one of her more elegant appearances and how!

  35. Kanika at | | Reply

    Someone please tell sonam (and Anamika Khanna now that I have seen glimpses from her show) that there is a reason why the sari is draped the way it is. It bares perfectly what it needs too, covers what it needs too, all the while enhancing the curves on a woman’s body…im all or experimenting, but not just for the sake of it, make me see how you can do better with a piece of cloth, not just different for the heck of it.

    I have to say though, if it *were* to be a sari, the black blouse is delish against the color of the sari! Of course, she would need a different colored petticoat…

  36. Shiva at | | Reply

    she’s a knock out here
    I’ll say what I said when I first saw her in a magazine cover-This girl should be on the runway

  37. Simplistic at | | Reply

    Completely agree with most posts here. You guys are way tooo biased towards Sonam. Yes she looks great because she has a gorgeous face and almost always gets the make up right but the rest of the outfit is just a no-no, completely mismatched. Especially the pumps which make the whole look very heavy. Even the necklace combined with the full sleeves blouse and the drape of the saree/dress/dupatta has made the neck area look too busy.

  38. fromchi-town at | | Reply


    This is the effect she was going for – and it failed!! I love her necklace, and she looks really pretty. But can’t get on board with the outfit.

  39. The Mad Momma at | | Reply

    It does look like some version of the Khada dupatta and her make up is lovely. But its the kind of outfit that will leave general junta very confused and Sonam revels in that.

    One thing I must say, I love how she creates interest, rarely showing skin. In an industry of Legers, that is an achievement.

  40. sayee at | | Reply

    love the necklace ……. its truly lust-worthy …. make up and hair impeccable ……. but look at the outfit ….. its ugliness …… y would anyone do that to themselves ……

  41. Nina at | | Reply

    I love this outfit. I really like Anamika’s last collection. If you take a look at all the runways of the Lakme week, you can see that she actually delivered a beautiful and original collection (and not a cold dish of a previous collection). This length actually gives a nice and modern twist to the “saree”. People who commented seemed thrown out by this length, but maybe Anamika also wrapped around her her mother’s dupatta when she was little, and got inspired by it :D doesn’t make it less worthy of attention.

    I like how Sonam pulls it off.

  42. aman at | | Reply

    Jane Fonda wore something VERY similar to this in the movie Monster in Law in the scene where she throws them an engagement party. So funny! Love this look but only sonam can rock it!

  43. PreetiD at | | Reply

    If all the fashion consious ladies out there have been keenly reading this blog , they would have noticed that this is in fashion nowdays …Ok you don’t get it , ok you would never try it …Thats absolutely fine , but i LOVE Sonam (fashionista ) for trying new look …and I would definetly wear it at my Bestie’s wedding … Coz i just like Sonam never shy away from trying little different stuff.. Give it to her for trying … and Boy she is gorgeousss ..

  44. Enne at | | Reply

    whatever the heck she’s wearing looks amaze! can I just be hella picky and say that we need to call in the Anasthasia of India to do something about Sonam’s brows?!! seriously way too dark and too harsh with a BAD shape.
    who is doing Sushmita’s brows? Get her on the phone Sonam!!!

  45. apple at | | Reply

    I loved this look so so much, till i saw what was happening below her knees. In my head i’m still picturing it as a proper sari and loving it.

  46. Saya at | | Reply

    Love the necklace. That outfit whatever it is looks awkward in the 3rd and 4th pic making her look stumped. Smart of P&P to have referred to it as Anamika Khanna without specifying what the heck is that thing.:P

  47. ST at | | Reply

    What exactly is she wearing? ???

  48. Dilli Waali at | | Reply

    Who is Sonam ? A failed actor turned fashionista turned style icon ? Does she have any other expression except for that cheesy smile ? I agree with a fellow blogger above. That ‘ girly little girl ‘ thing is just annoying and she’s entirely overrated. Whatever happened to that ‘ label ‘ that she and her sister we launching ?

    This necklace was from PC Jewelers as they sponsored the Couture Week. It may be pretty but this design ( or a mild variation ) sits on the shelf of every half-reputed jeweler.

    What’s novel about her or her necklace ? Nothing, in my opinion. I find the outfit somewhat okay, that’s all.

  49. Dilli Waali at | | Reply

    … just noticed the ill-fitting blouse. So much for a bevy of stylists !

  50. Food Poisoned Attorney at | | Reply

    I do not like that version of a sari or watever it is. But love the necklace and her make-up is flawless.

  51. g at | | Reply

    maybe it’s my OCD but all i can see are those horrid safety pins doing a very bad job of the tacky pinning up of the saree/dupatta’s pallu…. *CRINGE*

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