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  1. Akshara at | | Reply

    So beautiful. This look has amazing written all over it

  2. Urban Cowgirl at | | Reply

    There is a bit of imagination to this. This is what Sonam does best. I like it.

  3. pooja at | | Reply

    I think the volume from the jacket and the skirt are too much – would like to see this look without the jacket

    1. Yashiiiiiii at | | Reply

      Ya u got it there…

  4. Puneeta at | | Reply

    She actually looks much better than she has done all of this year. Very well done on the skirt.

  5. Shyba Nisar at | | Reply

    That’s the word “overwhelming “

  6. Neharika at | | Reply

    Love it! She carries it so well.

  7. DiptiN at | | Reply

    I am a huge Sonam fan, but the dress makes her look like a hot air balloon about to take off. I do love the jacket. I saw a photo of her sitting down and the skirt was all puffed up , looked very odd, not a good look for a speaking engagement. Where are those Victoria Beckham sheath dresses!!

  8. kanika malhotra at | | Reply

    *”did any of you LIKE it?” :P
    And yes, one of her better looks in a while!

  9. Kirk at | | Reply

    1st photo = stork standing on one leg in a pond !!
    The jacket is cute!

    1. Sapphire at | | Reply

      Haha… yeah.

  10. Sapphire at | | Reply

    Oh she doesn’t need a parachute if she travels on a plane in this dress!

  11. Leelee at | | Reply

    I just wonder how Rhea comes up with such innovative ideas and how those innovative ideas looks great on Sonam. These two sis are great pair and made for each other. I am in love with the whole look.

  12. PrincessRuchi at | | Reply

    I don’t think this is an Ashi studio dress. Its by a designer called Rami Al Ali from Dubai.

  13. Sheen at | | Reply

    love love love it!!! head to toe, the styling is perfect

  14. Nina at | | Reply

    I actually think she looks LOVELY, not necessarily because of the outfit (though the cropped jacket and dress combo is great) but due to her hair and make-up, which is actually properly done for a change! She is a beautiful girl but her make-up has been horrible over the past couple years (just see her at the recent Big Star Awards). Here her make-up isn’t over the top and her foundation is the right colour (usually her make-up is too dark and makes her look orangey even though she is fair/wheatish). Wish she would go back to her Saawariya days make-up artist!

    1. Sup at | | Reply

      So agree. She’s looking like a dream, all thanks to the make-up.
      Something about the side profile of the skirt is giving a very 19th century vibe with that volume and all. Love it!

  15. Shiny Object at | | Reply

    She seems to be walking on air vents

  16. Vs at | | Reply

    Wouldnt a business suit be fine for a gathering like this…..y to always dress up like a red carpet appearance….though i love the way she looks but i think too over the top for the occassion!

    1. Melange at | | Reply

      “Waist-up” is good enough though.
      Also, unless fashion was on the Aaj Tak Agenda, I can’t imagine why she should be speaking at all.

    2. Sup at | | Reply

      whoops, just saw the event in question.. *le sigh*

  17. Violet at | | Reply

    Love this one, it’s hard to pull off but she does so well

  18. Alisha at | | Reply

    She looks lovely. Hair and makeup are spot on. But that outfit is hideous.

  19. Sadaf at | | Reply

    This is the kind of silhouette she generally prefers… Be it a red carpet event or a normal screening. I think she is not very confident of her hip region as these dresses hide such a problematic area… !

  20. aaliyah at | | Reply

    i like hair and make-up, the jacket. Only dislike goes to the balloon skirt for me, too.

  21. Diya at | | Reply

    this time she got quirky right.

  22. D at | | Reply

    Love it!

  23. MT at | | Reply

    Totally read that as buffoon skirt and nodded along vigorously.

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