1. Can’t say much. It’s a dull colour, it’s a day colour, The detailing doesn’t excite and the blouse borders on a “WTHeey.”

  2. Too much shine, dated saree and tacky draping. She is pretty and could do so much better. He hair and face look nice though.

  3. she looks nice if you ignore the shiny blouse and the bad drape. its a very brunch-with-the -ladies kinda saree, but this is some great makeup and hairstyling. especially commendable that she chose not to go OTT with somethng in her neck and left it bare.

  4. The sari is something what my mom might wear, except even she wouldn’t be seen in that ugly blouse. But yeah, Ms Kulkarni upped the ante but its not that impressive. She can certainly (try to) do better.

  5. I think the saree is lovely but why do thiese women insist on showing one breast. It’s really tacky and takes away from the gracefulness of the saree.


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