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    Not only that, but she also didn´t bother to properly style the sheath. Nothing could scream more, how little she wanted to be there than this lackluster look. Her stylists most have been too busy working with the nominees to cater to her. SMH.

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    I don’t see what the big deal even if she is underdressed. Plenty of people show up wearing Khandwala designs (Gauri Shinde, Adhuna, etc) which is a few simple of pieces of fabric put together at best. Sonali wasn’t winning any awards and was just an attendee. She looks simple but still good and better than most award winning celebrities.

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    Whats wrong in sheath to awards? Its versatile, played up ,down and perfect LBD and can be worn to office too. I do feel she could have played it little up with bright makeup or accessories.

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    Far too tame for awards night. It seems an effort was not even made.

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    She looks comfortable at the same time it looks like a lazy attempt of dressing up for an awards night.

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    Simple yet very pretty !

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