1. tealicious..NOT! the fit is totally off in the mid section. neclace wrong, clutch wrong. wouldnt call it a disaster cuz i quite like the dress, just not on sonali. is that a tarun tahiliani?

  2. She is lovely but the gown doesn’t do her any favors. The fit around stomach is not right, also the strap on the right is kind of unnecessary.

  3. Yes, the fit is off, but Sonali made a great choice picking this gown (and ensuring she would stand out in a crowd of blinged-out wannabes).

  4. This dress would have been oh so perfect without the left arm strap. Just a one shoulder draping on the right, it would be PERFECT.

  5. Great, but I think its too long. She should’ve paired it with silver high heels and hoops. After it was cut short, I mean. :P

  6. I absolutely agree with you guys that the necklace is so unnecessary with this gown..she could have picked a pair of earrings instead. the color of the gown is great and looks nice on her but the make-up is dull and cakey !


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