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  1. diptiN at | | Reply

    sonali looks much good, but the odd stitching on the pants is very distracting. What is it supposed to be?

  2. Kasthuri at | | Reply

    It almost doesnt look like sonali. The jewelry goes really well. But yes, the stitching is bad.

  3. mj15 at | | Reply

    sonali looks great- her face is glowing, the jewelry is so statement worthy and the jumpsuit is great till you get to the bottom….thestitching is really bad and the legs are more like the shararas actresses wore in the 70s than an exaggerated bellbottom.
    Simone looks even better- desptie the shiny satin and awful teal color. overall, her look is not as bad as sonali’s.
    such beautiful women!!!

  4. leonine lion at | | Reply

    i’m not a fan of jumpsuits… till her waist sonali looks great!

  5. Amber at | | Reply

    Sonali looks stunning!!!!

  6. dips at | | Reply

    Sonali looks great waist up!

  7. S at | | Reply

    Who invented jumpsuits??

    1. zoyi at | | Reply

      Exactly! And how did this suddenly become quite the rage? Like sheep they all seem to follow what someone casually started! Thumbs down!

      1. suchi at | | Reply

        agree fully!

  8. tasneem at | | Reply

    every episode of India’s got talent, she;s wearing a fab necklace … any idea who’s designs ???

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