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  1. Ace at | | Reply

    Sonal’s look is just too good. I like

  2. Meeks at | | Reply

    Sonal Chauhan looks striking. Loving the entire look. Can u pls i d that bag and shoes?

  3. Blue at | | Reply

    Madhoo.. Such a beauty… But horrible taste in clothes… Argh!!!

  4. Ladybird at | | Reply

    Sonal has really turned around her style . Love love love the look. Way to go girl. Madhoo what was she thinking

  5. Joyita at | | Reply

    That jacklet just looks tacky on Madhu ! Sonal’s really nailed this look

  6. kind at | | Reply

    P&P, madhoo is not taking a break from her Legers, her black inner is a Leger!!

  7. Farrah at | | Reply

    madhoo … never fails to disappoint … it must be difficult to keep up …

  8. jaya at | | Reply

    sonal looking soooo pretty

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