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  1. bill at | | Reply

    what a beautiful dress and she sure makes it look good. great bod

  2. geebee at | | Reply

    lovely. clean and chic.

  3. Saini at | | Reply

    Oh god! The makeup is sooo cakey! Makes her look like a ghost!

  4. Rum at | | Reply

    I thought it looked better on the model and tacky on sonar

  5. angldrps at | | Reply

    if this isn’t tacky, I don’t know what is.

  6. S. M at | | Reply

    I’ve seen some other images of her, and her foundation is so off!

  7. mary at | | Reply

    This woman always wears the wrong foundation shade!

  8. Farrah at | | Reply

    her body is better than the model’s

  9. raviolli at | | Reply

    looks like all the bad comments on her have been written by the same person. lmao. its not wrong foundation dearies , its called camera FLASH. she looks perfect. she has kept it simple. i like

    1. angie at | | Reply


  10. angie at | | Reply

    Oh My God. I love her. she looks outstanding

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