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  1. Kumar at | | Reply

    like seriously if i see another bandage leger dress, im gonna pull out my hair! n make a dress out of it

    1. sabrina at | | Reply

      haha, yeah..and they all seem to wear it in the same color. but bollywood girls aren’t really known for their creativity, apart from a handful. they are all too happy to be clones.

      still, i find her very pretty, but she does need a good 5 inches off her hair. way too long. doesnt suit her face a bit.

  2. Jonathan at | | Reply

    I think this girl is really hot. Love the red. Looking forward to seeing her on screen again

  3. whee at | | Reply

    She looks gorgeous. Absolutely phenomenal.

  4. joyita at | | Reply

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS! she’s got everything right- the colour, the fit !I like that she has kept it clean and classy. way to go!

  5. The Housewife at | | Reply

    Hmmm the hair over her shoulder needs to go… With that amazing body she can do better!

  6. beans at | | Reply

    I think she looks terrific! What is there to complain about?

  7. pamela at | | Reply

    Agree with you ladies. A high ponytail would have looked so nice.

  8. ben at | | Reply

    Sonal definitely has the body to wear these dresses, but her shoes and the idea of constantly holding a cell phone is a total turnoff

  9. SamGirl at | | Reply

    Someone needs to collect all the bandage dresses and burn them! I’m so tired of looking at them!

  10. Sandra at | | Reply

    Oh yeah? that is what you should have said about Kiran Rao’s hair not to mention her non hairstyle :( in that awfully draped dress. Payal, you need spectacles…

  11. annie at | | Reply

    the undone hair tones compliments the sexy dress perfectly. Overdone hair or high ponys etc would make her look like a playmate.
    i’m loving it just the way it as..except the phone in her

  12. rina at | | Reply

    She has a good body and is an attractive girl but something about her makes even designer clothes look high street. This really doesnt look like a herve leger. I think its the overall finishing touches that are missing here

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