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  1. amandaaahhh at | | Reply

    why does deepika always looks like shes sticking her chest out ? in every single picture lol.

    i like it on both but sonal’s clutch and hair compliments it more!

  2. pdaervo at | | Reply

    Deepika’s underwhelmed and Sonal over does it
    Yana looks the best :) but Ash also looks very good

  3. K at | | Reply

    Sonal is so so so so so so pretty. Love her hair. Her and Sonam are the prettiest new girls imho. G

  4. monika at | | Reply

    @amandaaahhh- Completely agree with your observation there.
    Not digging this gown in white after seeing Yana’s

  5. fatmah at | | Reply


  6. kismet at | | Reply

    Deepika looks awful, specially in the first pic, kindda manly.

    Ash wins out of the 4, but here out of these 2 Sonal by an inch!!

    BTW deepika always sticks her chest out as it makes up for the lack of a big bust size. (nicest way I could put it)

  7. pinka at | | Reply

    By far sonal…shes more relaxed and deepika is so uptight abt her apperance that she rarely appears comfortable in her skin…..m kinda out-growing deepika…….

  8. Keya at | | Reply

    Sonali for sure… her hair make up and clutch adds glamour. she carries it very well..
    Depica is too plain… her hair are plain ugly dont go with the dress at all.

  9. Fatima at | | Reply

    firstly because i don’t really like Deepika, why? who knows. And yup she’s doing some serious chest thrusting!

    @kismet lol! very polite indeed!hehe

  10. Megha at | | Reply

    not a fan of the dress in the first place
    but deepika makes it look more unflattering…a bit like a nighty
    sonal has dressed it up better and it drapes on her well
    (she’s very pretty – who is she?)

  11. me at | | Reply

    Compare her to Twinke, see how tired she looks, thats what working do to you, tired fatigue and sleepy eyes, her freshness is long gone

  12. Surbhi at | | Reply

    i like the fact that Ash reduced the length of the neck cut.. makes it look better .. i love the teal color..

    who wore it better?deffy not Deepika.. what with her chest out like that..so not dignified..
    Yana did chose the right innerwear.. oh well, is this a gown or a nightie?? has no style

  13. kismet at | | Reply

    @ Megha

    Sonal is the girl from the movie JANNAT.

  14. dimpy at | | Reply

    hey girls plxxxxx help me i got this big interview on thurday (after months of job searching) and have been asked to dress smart (underlined ,bold).I am 5.4″ and little bit heavy sided uk size 10-12.any suggestions plxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  15. Shweta at | | Reply

    I like it on Deepika. The white looks great on her dusky skin:)

  16. gaurav at | | Reply

    sonal anyday. she’s much more elegant and classy while dipika looks so worn out. sonal is so pretty.

  17. NM at | | Reply

    Whats up with Mangalore producing all these beauties?! First Aish and Shilpa, and now Deepika.

  18. trivialimagery at | | Reply

    Oh, Deepika…why so tired??? you know that chest-stuck-out pose will give you bad posture. Tsk tsk

  19. kt at | | Reply

    @ dimpy

    clothes from the high street shop Jigsaw are really smart.

  20. debs at | | Reply

    @ dimpy,
    girl…a UK size 10/12 most definitely does not fall under ‘heavy’.
    anyhow, as for ur interview…a nice skirt suit with a lovely (expensive if you can afford it) tote would be good. since its interview dressing..’smart’ invariably means formal. so u wud be safer in colours like white/blue/grey etc. do ur hair nicely, wear heels and get some subtle jewellery/watch on.
    go shine. :)

  21. Rezia at | | Reply

    I think Ash wore it best. Then Sonal who makes it look v. sweet and innocent which I think is the real ethos of the white dress.
    Deepika and Yana both are not delicate enough to wear this dress properly. Their shoulders are too broad so it looks not too flattering.
    Also simply awful makeup and hair on Deepika.

  22. Megha at | | Reply

    @ dimpy

    my suggestions would be very close to debs too

    a black or beige skirt suit, black/white button down shirt, tights and pumps…that’s my normal interview attire (with a thin gold/silver chain + studs + watch)

    and it’s all about the smile and attitude! good luck!!

  23. dimpy at | | Reply

    thank you so much all really….hope to do well……….

  24. champ at | | Reply

    not a big fan of the dress but Sonal makes me like it. she compliments it. very beautiful girl.

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