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    Should have worn something like what that model wore

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    I thought the outfit and shoes were appropriate for a casual movie screening. She looks really cute and the dress looks fabulous on her!

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    Absolutely!!! Those flip flops are an eye sore…borrow those thong sandals from Deepika if you need to ;)

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    Cute and casual but the slippers make her look like she’s going to the beach.

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    I wouldn’t really have a problem wearing flip flops to a private movie screening, she looks comfortable and happy as always; not really a deal breaker..sweet of Sonakshi to be part of kangana’s success :) xx

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    Such a cute look and she is looking prettier by the day. I just wish she hadn’t worn those flip flops. Sandals are fine but prettier ones

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    Those flipflops are definite eye sore. The dress does not suit her body type and is making her look big. But nonetheless she looks not so bad.

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    Dress is too short for her body type. A few inches longer and some strappy thongs would have looked great.

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    Seriously? Flip flops? Did she run out off the house and forget about footwear? That happens to me sometimes!

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    Flip flops! Really?!

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    She looks smart!

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