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  1. RucHii at | | Reply

    i have the same blue nail paint..and i love wearing it..!! i like Sonakshi..the only weird part is her permanent nose-ring..which looks so wannabe..wish she would try some simple and less prominent nose-stud..

  2. bongbabe at | | Reply

    the cover is so heavily photo shopped. she doesnt look like herself.

    1. ZI at | | Reply

      I agree….on first glance I thought it was Preity Zinta

  3. Me at | | Reply

    I agree with ‘bongbabe’,it’s photo shopped.Something’s wrong with the eyes too!One is bigger than the other!

    1. PRADAgirl at | | Reply

      exactly my thoughts one is defiantly bigger than the other :S

  4. monika at | | Reply

    that Choli does not look attractive at all ………though Sonakshi does look good

  5. Adara at | | Reply

    That doesn’t even look like Sonakshi. I hate the blue nail enamel and i don’t see anything awe worthy about the lehenga/ the shoot. So meh!

  6. Kriti at | | Reply

    Very desi regular photos. Nothing new or great about it.

  7. Sharvari Paivaidya at | | Reply

    shd rid the nose ring asap……enough of the same ol nose ring nd same old expressionless expression on her face …..the choli looks like it was cut through as an after though when it was stitched to fit in the wearer….. overall disappointing because i like Rocky S

  8. Amber at | | Reply

    Sorry but i don’t like any of the pics or any of the outfits! And even her face doesn’t look as pretty as usual

  9. SLC at | | Reply

    She’s a very pretty girl, and has been wearing nose rings well before her modelling days. Why change now. I actually like her outfit, especially her choli, which is versatile; one can wear it with lehenga, jeans and sari, simply because of the length.

  10. Rezia at | | Reply

    There is something so off about her eyes in the close up…how could they miss that when they photoshopped it?

  11. shireen at | | Reply

    The bylines had me distracted & wondering what demographic this rag caters to. These topics supposedly bring intellect back…
    .Divorce is good, but marriage is better
    .How love kills most marriages
    .Hot honeymoons in a volcano
    .Amsterdam…male strippers & smoking vaginas

    1. Addicted at | | Reply

      Thanks for bringing attention to what the mag covers! Ridiculousness at its best:-)

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