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  1. Gradwolf at | | Reply

    Oh cmon she looks lovely! :D

    1. Trinket at | | Reply

      Totally agree! :)

      1. deewani at | | Reply

        totally agree.. this gal’s gorgeous and her style is not run-of-the-mill.. she’s very refreshing

  2. kasthuri at | | Reply

    She doesnt look as bad as you make it sound.. I hate the dress despite its colour and miss some jewelry.

  3. Lalitha at | | Reply

    This is an awfullllll dress.

  4. kumar at | | Reply

    Like seriously wat the hell she learned in fashion school? Her fashion sense has been downrite horrible so far. n wth is this? adams family meets victorian princess??

  5. Nandso at | | Reply

    I agree that if the detail was more visible, we would have liked it better. This is not a good color on her. A jewel tone like an dark emerald green would have looked much better.

  6. Koel at | | Reply

    I would have chosen a different colour flower for her hair and put her hair up, but otherwise this look is great.

  7. mundane at | | Reply

    i love it.the color is gorgeous and she’s like glowing.comeon how come you cant see it:|

  8. zainab at | | Reply

    she’s looking absolutely ravishing.

  9. RS at | | Reply

    Yeah she does look quite nice. Except for the hair.

  10. blmrlt at | | Reply

    A bad dress can make even a lovely girl look unkempt.

  11. daisy at | | Reply

    simple yet elegant. But the hair could have been better.

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