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  1. KT at | | Reply

    Love love love that anand kabra lehenga!!

    1. KK at | | Reply

      Yeah me tooo .. SO GORGEOUS!

  2. FashionVictim at | | Reply

    I love Falaknuma Palace and Anand Kabra…the lehenga is so elegant!! Wonder why we don’t see his designs on the swish set of Bombay and Delhi??

  3. SeksyAngel at | | Reply

    Simply breathtaking!!!!

  4. aisha a at | | Reply

    thats a great photoshoot..i esp. love the outfits mixture:)

  5. kanchanmasi at | | Reply

    Absolutely gorgeous! This girl is stunning! I love some of the clothes, the cover outfit is so beautiful! LOVE the last photo Sonakshi vs Sonakshi! haha So expressive!

  6. fashionOZ at | | Reply

    why OH why so much of air-brushing… specially in the first pic… she’s already so young and pretty… she doesn’t need that extra “help”…

  7. Anubha at | | Reply

    She looks PETRIFIED on the cover . So pale and dumbstruck ?

    1. Suki at | | Reply

      Haha so true – though if the last picture is to be believed, the palace is a bizarre place indeed ;)

      On another note, LOVE the JJ Valaya outfit!

      1. rds at | | Reply

        hahahaha Suki… that was a clever statement! had me in splits!

        1. Suki at | | Reply

          Lol glad to hear it! ;)

  8. bongbabe at | | Reply

    what a lovely photo shoot. why is she getting so thin? dislike.

  9. annie at | | Reply

    beautiful!! masaba dress is mediocre but i am loving the lehengas

  10. Vidhi at | | Reply

    With an exception to the cover shot, love all the other images. She looks really scared on the cover!!

  11. Anushka at | | Reply

    First picture expression fail. *Gorgeous* outfits though. I’d wear each one of them without thinking twice. Sigh, wishful thinking.

  12. kasthuri at | | Reply

    – Location
    – Clothes (anand kabra lehenga choli, masaba)
    – Model
    – Make up

    1. Kish at | | Reply

      I agree. I find that the location totally steals her thunder. She’s a pretty girl, but doesn’t seem to have the model / actress quality that allows her to stand out even in the most stunning of places.

  13. Cotton at | | Reply

    Good make-up, pretty clothes, photography…. everything apart … Sonakshi still fails to impress me personality wise….

  14. ritu at | | Reply

    oh so stunning!!!!

  15. rds at | | Reply

    i would love to see an established international photographer shoot at this palace and then see what damage the current photographer has done…GOD how could one make this grand old treasure look just like he is shooting at any other building with good interior..their is huge difference….i hope people would get it…

    sonakshi is a pretty girl with good clothes …thik hai..but palace..do some justice to it please!

  16. Sabah Zaman at | | Reply

    wow!!! amazing photoshoot…love all the outfits ..esp the anand kabra lehenga!! I WANT!!! I WANTT!!! :(

  17. Amber1 at | | Reply

    Funny how I have seen some serious over the edge comments get approved but mine doesn’t? Haha, talk about partiality!

  18. mruna at | | Reply

    The last pic is genius and love the room in which she’s posing in Masaba!

  19. krk at | | Reply

    the kabra lehenga is gorgeous but the picture is so scary…the head does not look connected to the body !!!

  20. eclat at | | Reply

    These pictures are so boring- no composition, no focus, and she looks like she’s just been plonked arbitrarily down in each room. The clothes compete with the overblown décor, and I really didn’t know what to look at first. The last photograph, though gimmicky, is the only one which made me stop. It may have been more interesting had they carried that theme somehow through the shoot.

    1. Sud at | | Reply

      completely agree…decor and clothes though both gorgeous are not in sync… and ideally the sonakshi should be a part of the palace not posing like a visitor which is the case in most of the pics…

      the 2nd pic is the only one which looks natural…the pic with the masaba lahenga gives a horror movie feel…

      and is it only me or anyone else thinks that the cover pic has pair of feet showing like she’s kept her feet on the chair and it also looks like she’s sitting with her feet on top of the other?

      1. Adara at | | Reply

        Sud- That leg thing in the first pic is freaky. The pics in this photo shoot are pretty eery.

  21. ad at | | Reply

    Totally in Love with the Anand Kabra Lehenga and the JJ Vallaya outfit!!!not too impressed with Sonakshi’s dumbstruck look!

  22. Sabrina at | | Reply

    the masaba dress is so out of place in this! I hate it. the cover is horrible and makes her look like a 40 year old chandramukhi of some sorts.
    but the rest of the shoot is okay. i LOVE the JJ Valaya outfit…and i wish they explored that style a bit more in this shoot because its so beautiful. The anand kabra is gorgeous too.
    but thats it, everything else is bad to average. but the jj valaya…sigh

    1. Sabrina at | | Reply

      the location is amazing

  23. SLC at | | Reply

    Love the oppulent backgrounds…and the outfits as well. Ms. doesn’t look bad either.

    1. SLC at | | Reply

      I meant Ms. Sinha

  24. Kangana Gupta at | | Reply

    What collection is the Anand Kabra lehenga? I don’t see it on his website! I think I might wear it on my wedding!!!! Please help! Thanks a lot!

  25. Priyanka at | | Reply

    Great pictures!!! but then they make her look so thin which she isn’t…and my gawd….Pancake make-up!!! c’mon her skin needs to breathe!!! but the outfits are gorgeous…and yes I agree with the other comments..that the Masaba outfit doesn’t really work her!!!

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