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  1. K at | | Reply

    Sania Mirza looks better. The monochromatic look always works, if worn right.

  2. Shweta at | | Reply

    Yeah but the shoes are really ugly

  3. Deepa at | | Reply

    love Sona’s look! She is even more gorgeous in person and has a beautiful voice too!

  4. nefertiti at | | Reply

    wow, these women are gorgeous.

  5. mj at | | Reply

    prefer sona here, no doubt. though i have to say that navy and black done right is a very sophisticated pallette…giorgio armani used to do it all the time in his collections!! wish raveena had styled her basic pieces differently..and it really is time for her to move away from those satin fabrics!!!

  6. CocoNUT at | | Reply

    hmmm it’s gonna be sana for me, her top seems to fit alot better, and anything is better than shiney pants!

  7. Raylene at | | Reply

    LOL…from where did Sania Mirza come in the picture?

  8. Raylene at | | Reply

    LOL…from where did Sania Mirza come in the picture !!

  9. K at | | Reply

    @ nefertiti – you sound like those non-desi folks whenever they see an indian woman, they make comments like “wow, these women are beautiful” lol

    @ Raylene – I thought that that was Sania Mirza…. read the name correctly afterwards =)

  10. Raylene at | | Reply

    LOL…K…you had me confused for a bit :P

  11. Belle at | | Reply

    sona looks better in this outfit than that neutral one. however, as someone has mentioned before me, the shoes are ugly.

    raveena…there always seems to be something lacking in her outfits…she’s always trying to pack in a lot or something. can’t quite put my finger on it.

    and K, lol yeh you had me confused for a bit there too. hehehe

  12. Asfi at | | Reply

    eeeeeeeeeeeeeks……… awful……!!!! How can one think of shedding evn a single penny on such outfits…..!!!

  13. Ratan at | | Reply

    Sona looks great!! And I think her Mary Jane shoes are going well with the dress, it’s never easy to pair Mary Janes with an outfit perfectly but she’s clinched it.
    As for Raveena, seriously, what is with her obsession with satin-y fabrics?? And how can anyone like a blouse with such hideous sleeves?? Whatever happened to her dress sense…….oh wait, she never had one!!! Maybe its time she invested in a stylist.

  14. zak at | | Reply

    raveena at an occasion looked owesome wearing gold sari but i have seen this site doesnt project when ever she is looking fabulous wt to say
    she is looking good in these pics too

  15. zak at | | Reply

    raveena was published in a fitness magazine prevention publish tht pic she is loooking very fresh in tht pic and i hope all will love her new look

  16. raveenalover at | | Reply

    Raveena looked fabulous in gold saree she wore amazing beauty i agree with zak that this site always criticise raveena outfits only a few times they have said good about her out fit eventhough raveena looks great in sarees they cricise her

  17. raveenalover at | | Reply

    in that site as well they said tisca looked better that raveena in saree as well

  18. zak at | | Reply

    lets see yaar if they show raveena latest anita dogray outfit pics or not
    kareena looks like any ordinary american model but they publish her differen pose pics but when it comes to raveena its always her bad pics or when shes wearing the same stuff time n again

  19. hamsanat at | | Reply

    raveena is verry pretty in everyway

  20. samsara at | | Reply

    Sona has a lot of class & her music is even better ! Btw this dress is Escada …

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