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  1. ayesha at | | Reply

    haha!Truly neither works :p

  2. Mayuri at | | Reply

    This outfit wouldn’t work on anyone! Makes both look mad!

  3. mallika at | | Reply

    This outfit i wouldn’t let my maid wear it, cause i would have to see it’s disgusting. I don’t who made it and they call them self a designer?
    But women are stupid to even wear it.

    1. ritu at | | Reply

      they are both made by SABYASACHI MUKHERJEE – THE designer?
      If you did not recognize that then you should’nt even be on this site!?

  4. Grisha at | | Reply

    That kurta is nice… only if you can pair it with something better. But for sure..these two choices are,, yucky!!

  5. Fancy Nancy at | | Reply

    Hmmm…Vidya’s is only ‘slightly’ better. The other one looks like a Sleeping/PJ suit.

  6. Neha at | | Reply

    The shirt itself isnt bad, if paired with a white patiala for traditional or black tights..

    P.S: Why do all celebrities insist on carrying their cellphones in tei hand despite the purses they carry?!!!

  7. crab at | | Reply

    I can’t BELIEVE they’d walk out of the house wearing that. Vidya’s looks like men’s kurta over a lungi and Sona’s, kurta pyjamas. No excuse…mutter…mutter.

  8. roses_bloom at | | Reply

    what do each of them have on their feet!!? really?

  9. Sej at | | Reply

    How about neither – they look equally horrible in their own respective ways. Vidya oh Vidya – time and time again – I am beginning to agree with those who say she shouldn’t be featured anymore until she either really fixes things up or is just a complete WTHeyy.

  10. way2sassy at | | Reply

    Really, what is so outstanding about this outfit? It looks like something one can pick up at the Anjuna flea market for 200 bucks!

    And those pajamas are ridiculous, right now, somewhere in Japan, a second rate Kabuki actor is probably missing his samurai pants!

  11. Hitesh at | | Reply

    Sona have always been different…………and the dress proves it too….i won’t say i was shocked………..but sona has her different sense of style……………i can’t complaint…… a) i don’t really care , b) ‘m a bit sona fan……..


  12. shyba at | | Reply

    I prefer Sona’s look…but love Vidya’s skirt…

  13. Nidhi at | | Reply

    horror almighty!

  14. manasi at | | Reply

    I love sona’s look . graceful and works because of the flat chappals and ease with which she carries the look. Those orthopedic heels on Vidya make the bottom stand up in a bizarre mermaid fin …contrived

  15. sabrina at | | Reply

    Sona’s make up is awesome , so are her accessories . Looks at ease and I quite like the way shes looking . Could have broken the outfit with a silver belt like she’s wearing on her aja ve video ..this woman has a unique style statement .

  16. GG at | | Reply

    Someone please pass a law that bans such clothes in public and even in the privacy of four walls inside a house. What the hell is Vidya thinking here. Vidya is it that difficult to wear a decent and sane outfit. Comeon College going girls who buy clothes out of fashion street are zillion gazillion times better.

  17. Usha at | | Reply

    Kurts looks very ordinary to me and pairing with those pants make it look very funny.Like saying “lol”

  18. sarah at | | Reply

    Have followed whatever little i get to see of Sona , considering she doesnt even feature in the mainstream . Unique and true to her quirkyness . Her music is from the roots , eathy and so is her unique style . organic . not sure about this outfit . might look different in person , with details more visible ? But she looks pretty and at ease . Thats fashionable enough for me !

  19. shyba at | | Reply

    I think Vidya wearing a skirt no? and Sona parallels…love both of them…

    At this age of internet why our so talented designers are not into Online sale of their outfits?at least some of their collection?

    Sabya are u hearing me????pls update your website too….

  20. sonali sahoo at | | Reply

    Sona is Shona as always . Big fan of Vidya too but not of her dressing . Love Sona’s bag and silver bangles best . Shes really tall ive heard , 5 – 9 ” as per her website . so can carry of this outfit for sure and most else . Vidya is really short and shd not follow the ramp so blindly and whats with those tight tight curls . eeeks ! Sona’s smile , so natural and real . Love her voice

  21. sanjay sharma at | | Reply

    Sona is gorgeous . A natural .Nothing artificial about her voice , her songs , her personality and looks beautiful here also . Vidya is also a very talented actress but looks so conscious and uncomfortable in this photo. Not sexy at all

  22. Vani at | | Reply

    I love love love Vidya’s look!
    This outfit is so much better than any “ramp fashion” in my opinion.
    Very quirky outfit and only people with fine artistic tastes can appreciate it… it’s not at all for regular fashionistas/brand slaves.

  23. Sugar at | | Reply

    Strictly, in comparison, Sona fares better. Vidya does not possess a style or even remotely anything resembling to some fahion sense. Look at those ugly shoes. Top to bottom, fugly!

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