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  1. FashionVictim at | | Reply

    She looks nice out of the shapeless bags she usually dresses herself in :) The saree itself is quite meh and given her predilection for unusual, I’d have expected her to wear the saree as presented on the runway, i.e with the blouse/bolero.

    1. Bunny at | | Reply

      Ur words mirror my thoughts :) for once she isn’t in a uber ugly bag like outfit and she looks really nice and am quite surprised she didnt pull her pallu through the blouse like presented ..! Thank god for that! IMO it would have looked like trying to wear your panty over your pants….

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    3. dimpy at | | Reply

      totally agree..for once she wore something we can relate to fashion or clothes..not the various bedsheets called dresses in the name of fashion…she working it out or not..different story..but points for wearing a saree in normal way..

  2. SS at | | Reply

    looks fantastic the way presented on the runway. On Sona, it is dull and lackluster.

  3. Malz at | | Reply

    Svelte . Im glad she wears this one in a conventional manner . The jacket on top in humid & hot Mumbai be too stuffy !!

  4. Slc at | | Reply

    Great saree because grey is such an unusual color. Something is off with the draping, I can’t pin point it though.

  5. LV at | | Reply

    Love the colour of the sari offset by the red peeptoes & nails . Sona looks quite radiant I’d say !!

  6. Roxanne at | | Reply

    The saree has a janitor-ish vibe to it. Like the female staff who clean the airport might sport these, sans the glittery border..
    I could have been a lot more stylized…

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  7. sab the bomb at | | Reply

    Hot ! Love the colour & the ease with which she wears the sari . The drop earrings are lovely too .

  8. AMbereen at | | Reply

    Is it only me noticing the fact that this space & people commenting just like being negative whichever way ? Someone is happy she isnt wearing a sack like she usually does ? Someone likens this graceful saree to ones that janitors wear ? How about some genuine critique from a fashion perspective ? Be more interesting as a conversation on a site like this . Personally love the way Sona carries the sari .

  9. VM at | | Reply

    Read in the papers that this launch had a old school glamorous theme , Lido hotel etc … Sona’s dressed pretty aptly & the grey off the sari offsets with the shimmery red of the backdrop too .

  10. Ash at | | Reply

    Love the graphic eyes ! Wears the sari well

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