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  1. slc at | | Reply

    If she had substituted the shorts for black leggings the look would have been fab. However, the jacket is gorgeous. I kind of like her shoes too.

  2. sukh at | | Reply

    Seriously, I had no idea Sona has such great legs. She always camoflauges them in so much yardage. Still not on board with her clothing choices, but she is looking nice and fresh here.

  3. monika at | | Reply

    Wish she was wearing pants & this look would have been great!

  4. S.I. at | | Reply

    No, she looks ridiculous in those teeny tiny shorts!

  5. Señorita at | | Reply

    <3 love how she never feels the need to march to anyone's drums but her own.

  6. SS at | | Reply

    Love the Ikat jacket – wish the fabric was slightly thicker/heavier for a more defined silhouette.

  7. Hansini at | | Reply

    She is zany, original. I like!

  8. Malaise at | | Reply

    Looks like a bathrobe on nightwear.

  9. Malaise at | | Reply

    That’s exactly how I dress up when I want some from my SO. Giggity Giggity Goo.

  10. Amodini at | | Reply

    I didn’t think Sona could carry shorts. But she can, and how! Nice, albeit very theatrical at first glance !

  11. Saya at | | Reply

    She looks pathetic in those shorts. Those are not for her. She looks like a fortune teller( the gudugudupu karan to be precise, i don’t think there is an exact equivalent term in English or Hindi). Also, all this arm band and stuff for a movie screening? Ha ha.

  12. Ann at | | Reply

    This look is reminiscent of a advert I came across in one of my mom’s magazines from the 80’s.
    A guy wearing a white robe and flashing his VIP briefs.

    1. Fergie at | | Reply

      Ha ha ha…

  13. kasthuri at | | Reply

    I too wish she was wearing pants. Those shorts are too tiny on a fully grown adult woman.

  14. sagar at | | Reply

    love this look! and she made it work – the jacket makes the look forgiving for any body type & bait for anyone game to try it and have fun!!

  15. simplystyle at | | Reply

    Sona and her outrageous fashion.. WHYYYY???

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