Some Of That Clutch Spotting…


Sonia Garware has those good days and then once in a while, totally falls off the wagon… that dress!! But can’t fault the accessories…

Sonia Garware

Buy The Bottega Veneta Lizard Clutch Via Neiman Marcus

Oversized clutches are the trend but as far as this particular one goes, don’t care for it at all…

Laila Khan Rajpal

Buy The Jimmy Choo Marin Zebra Clutch Via Net-A-Porter

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  1. don’t care much for clutch.. but Laila is looking better after the breakup.. seems like she has lost some weight..

  2. Yup, Sonia is not looking her best. But after a glance at the ghastly pic of Sonali (and it almost always is a ghastly pic of her) I guess this could be forgiven. Laila looks great. But I love the lizard clutch. Its so cute.


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