Its Back, Yet Again!


Just when we thought it was safe enough to assume that this Shantanu-Nikhil dress was never going to be seen EVER again, it made an appearance in an orange version on Soha Ali Khan on her new show ‘Khelo Jeeto Jeeyo’.

I actually thought the color looked great on her but then once I saw that she wore it with black leggings and gold sandals, it pretty much ruined it for me. To me, the dress seems pretty long enough to go without the leggings and if she really really couldn’t do without them, I wish she had at least worn black sandals instead of the gold ones.

Most of you are verrrry familiar with this dress, but if you are that small percentage that doesn’t know this dress, you only have to go here, here and here to have it permanently imprinted on your mind! ;)


Soha Ali Khan in ‘Khelo Jeeto Jiyo’



  1. But frankly, I don’t see what’s so terrible about this dress in itself! It’s elegant, flowy and I like the shoulder strap. Deepika sure worked it in the blue version!

  2. To be really honest…i actually LOVE the orange…it takes the dress to a whole new level. BUT i hate how she paired it with the leggings and sandles…in my opinion she should have lost of them, and according to me the leggings need to go!

  3. r those leggings ro just skinny jeans/ pants? her hair looks good…that’s saying a lot, considering what a hot mess she usually looks like :-)

  4. OMG !! She has ruined it completely .. ok the dress has been worn before, but that is only a small part of the issue .. what’s with the tights and then those shoes !!
    eeeks !

  5. LOL Woww …I can’t believe it! :O

    This one is a beautiful colour and yeah I agree..could have worked if it weren’t for the leggings.

  6. oh no! I was wondering if you guys had noticed her ‘dress with leggings stupid combo’ on the ad they had for the show….can she look any more silly than this? oh wait, she always does!

  7. I actually really like this color the best. but those black leggings and gold sandals? seriously? what the fugliness is going on???

  8. hey..I guess this is her dress code for he show….she is wearing a long dress with leggings in all promos and episodes… I so love Soha..but this all ruined it….

  9. Uhhh! I am so sick of seeing this dress. And Soha didnt make it any better with those leggings. Not only that I could see the dress was fitted with pins at the back!!!

  10. apart from fugly, those leggings look real chunky. like they were skinny jeans or something. BLECH!
    other than the color, like NOTHING there…

  11. I dont think these are leggings, looks like black tapered pants..she probably did not get to pick them out, the show’s stylist probably put the outfit together..

  12. Oh My God, I really did assume the dress was gone….though she could have pulled it off if it had been done rightly.
    Those look more like a pair of pants than leggings


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