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  1. Nisha B at | | Reply

    I think it’s the best look of her in the longest time..thankfully those silly pouts are nowhere to be seen.

  2. DiptiN at | | Reply

    Love the color of the sari and blouse, but most of all I love her earrings.

  3. Food Poisoned Attorney at | | Reply

    She looks lovely!!!

  4. riya at | | Reply

    that sari looks like a pair of curtains from the stage of a school play.

  5. VanillaVibes at | | Reply

    She looks great! Thank god, those side bangs are tucked away where they should be!

  6. T at | | Reply

    I suspect this outfit photographs well, like a stage outfit. But, in person, it might have been a bit too much.

  7. Harpreet at | | Reply

    P&P: Any full shots of Kunal Khemu? He looks awfully good in the third pic!

    1. eena at | | Reply

      cant agree with you more. actually he steals the picture

    2. Vanaja at | | Reply

      OMG! I was thinking of the same. He looks too good here……

  8. bunnybunny at | | Reply

    she looks lovely but wonder what Sabya was smoking when he decided that he needed to make a saree out of velvet!!

  9. mia at | | Reply

    so that’s what happened with my grandmother’s curtains.

  10. Prachi at | | Reply

    She is dressed up more here than her brother’s wedding

  11. enne at | | Reply

    she most def. needs a hair intervention. like an ambush makeover for her hair.

  12. ANM at | | Reply

    she looks much better here than at her brother’s wedding inspite of the velvet saree….like really people still wear this stuff!

  13. Z at | | Reply

    Did she not have a wardrobe malfunction with her blouse? Photo’s on Sabyasachi’s page on FB showed something like that

  14. Ash at | | Reply

    Wish she’d change her hairdo instead of channelling sharmila t’s circa 1972! Time for a change – however this saree is really suiting her, she looks royal and i agree with the previous comment, more dressed up than at her brothers wedding.

  15. slc at | | Reply

    Love the blouse. Velvet sarees? makes me nervous. But she does look nice.

  16. R at | | Reply

    From that side photo, her hair looks utterly bizarre.

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