In French Connection


At a recent music launch, we spotted a French Connection dress on Soha. The actress paired her polka-dot dress with tights, black pumps and a gun-metal necklace. Even though we’d have preferred she skip the tights, we thought she did good. You like?

Soha Ali Khan at Soundtrack‘s Music Launch

Photo Credit: Daylife


  1. yes coming from soha this is a great achievement! she really needs to do something about her hair though! and that necklace was so random.

  2. For soha, generally if it isn’t the dress then it is her hair style/makeup and accessories which dont add to her look.
    Though she does not look bad, a good hair style & one nice accessory would have helped.

  3. I am an ardent fan of pantyhose (there I said it and Kate M keep at it!) – because a girl has to keep out the cold. That said, why would anyone wear it in India in August?

    Otherwise quite nice.

  4. I am assuming that this lady is petite. At least, she looks petite in this picture. Nude pantyhose (if she must) and nude pumps would have pulled this look together.

  5. y’all trippin! That black tights is perfect for a petite girl like soha. it slenderizes n elongates her legs. the dress, black heels, necklace is all perfection too.very simple n chic. only concern her same boring outdated hairstyle.


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