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  1. medea at | | Reply

    Agreed, and may I add- stunning earrings?!

  2. Paroma at | | Reply

    A skinny black belt would have worked but like this look as it is too. She looks good.

  3. Myka at | | Reply

    She looks good even if the belt looks odd and with those unimaginative shoes..

  4. dee at | | Reply

    Is it just me or does she resemble HardKaur!? lolol

  5. fearsome femme at | | Reply

    I wanna say I like it. Bt I don’t. Making her look bigger than she is. Also, she looks rather weird in the second pose. I guess she has to come off as quite the fashionista now that she hosts ‘What not to Wear’.

  6. PHAT at | | Reply

    when confused, pair your shoes with your belt… Simple, Soha! :)

  7. neha at | | Reply

    I am just glad she changed her hair style…..phew

  8. Sara at | | Reply

    The dress is too long on her. For a relatively short person like Soha, she should have kept the look perky with at least a couple of inches over the knee, like the runway look. That is what is most off about this look. The longer length makes her look like a badly dressed pre-adolescent.

    1. fashionista at | | Reply

      Couldnt agree more, being a short person myself i know that below the knee hems never look good on flared outfits like this one. either it should have me pencil cut or the hem at the knee.
      On an aside TLC must have been desperate in hiring someone like Soha (never to have been known for a good dressing sense) on What not to wear, i absolutely love the American version which has helped me shape my fashion sense, so why her? i havent watched a single episode, why would i take fashion advice from someone with no fashion sense?
      Sorry to have dragged on, Soha so not it, and never has been, im doubting if she ever will be.

      1. Phoenix at | | Reply

        Omg I couldn’t agree more I’m actually kind of mad at Payal and Priyanka for not having pitched this show themselves! Come on girls :( I want to see you two on tv! I mean Soha? Seriously. I would never watch that show.. Stacy London is one my idols I love what her and Clinton have done on the American show!

  9. Purple at | | Reply

    A rose gold belt would have made such a statement.

  10. Rockchic at | | Reply

    Perfect example of WHAT NOT TO WEAR…!

    1. Ritu at | | Reply

      So true Rockchic!!

  11. KJ at | | Reply

    Oh don’t you all see it? She paired the belt with the background. :P

  12. Blue at | | Reply

    Haha .. +1

  13. Orange Jammies at | | Reply

    I may be in the minority here, but I’ll say it anyway: I think she looks great–in comparison to her previous looks. A vast improvement, especially since the bangs have now gone byebye (hopefully) forever. She’s getting there—don’t give up on her yet!

  14. jia at | | Reply

    She hosts “what not to wear” the indian edition, which happens to be the most boring show I’ve ever seen. I think she whould take a cue from dia mirza on dressing up her petite self.

  15. IdeaSmith at | | Reply

    Eek, I mistook her for Hard Kaur in the first frame!

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