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  1. LCoodly at | | Reply

    Pretty color and lovely embroidery. However, the whole ensemble has Indian bridal written all over it. This outfit is awkward for the event.

    1. KK at | | Reply

      Yes – I completely agree with you. The outfit is gorgeous but definitely more bridal and OTT for the event.

  2. Pearl at | | Reply

    Hi, I was in attendance of the event in Sydney and it was preemptive much a wholesome Indian event as we don’t really get time to celebrate our Indian clothes…Hence, she blended fine

    PS: I myself was wearing western clothes ????

  3. Violet at | | Reply

    Pretty but very uninspiring. The hair as usual is a downer. This girl can do so much better.

  4. Shruti at | | Reply

    She wasnt this dressed even at her wedding.

  5. Avani at | | Reply

    She looks lovely. This is a first, I find her so pretty and pretty put together though a bit OTT for the event.

  6. Pearl at | | Reply

    Pretty** what’s wrong with typo

  7. Colormenot at | | Reply

    Guess it was an indian event and it must have been ok! Wish she can do something to her hair.

  8. Mia at | | Reply

    I think she looks fab.

  9. Deepti Parthiv at | | Reply

    I love the outfit except for the net dupatta. I just hate the whole net fashion because in my opinion, a regular dupatta would be just fine and nets really itchy too. Anyways, she looks gorgeous absolutely in love with the necklace! I actually like her donning Indian wear at an event like this, but maybe a simpler suit or lehenga would’ve been fine?

  10. Monika at | | Reply

    lovely lehenga.

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