1. I don’t get it. She is a gorgeous girl. She has SO much money and can possibly hire the best stylist that’s out there. And even if she chooses not to, she hails from an influential and well dressed family, and has traveled the world which all equals to having enough sense to put together atleast one outfit that is not tacky. When will she get it right??

  2. Soha is a perfect example of what bad posture can do to you. She always has this slouched, under confident posture which makes all her looks fall flat. I am convinced that’s it. She is beautiful and sometimes even wears the right clothes but without proper carriage it seems to be of no use. Correct your body language and you’ll go places.

  3. long dangly earrings .. check
    all hair to one side. check
    weird crooked pose.. check

    this woman is so predictable and boring. i dont know how they ever let her host what not to wear

  4. The pants in the first two pics and shoes in all three are the same. Poor thing, I feel sorry for her. As Kanchanmasi said, money can’t buy style.


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