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    This girl has so much potential to look good, but just like her face-twin has absolutely no idea what looks good on her, or at least a good stylist. If anything, she fares worse than Ash in the stying department, and that’s saying a lot. Terrible dress, unflattering for her, even though she’s slim! Nail and lip don’t match each other or the dress. No jewellery, make up is barely there (and not in a good way). Missed by a mile methinks.

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    This is a sad look.

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    I think she was crying really hard before attending this event.

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    Not working at all

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    I am sure Ms. Dongre, while designing the dress, must have counted on the wearer to don an appropriate innerwear for the kurta. THAT, worn THAT WAY, at a CHARITY event? Looks like you had the criticism coming your way, Sneha

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