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    Arshad still looks okay!! needed a shave tho

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    Hi PnP

    Lovely site. I have been visiting it for the past 8-10 months now. Good Job.

    Please feature some of the ladies( Shruti hassan, Soundarya Rajnikanth etc) from the Ritz Award Event at Chennai.

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    i like her top ..she should have teamed it up with a simple denim for a casual occassion

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    Addicted to your blog. It is fun, irreverant and all things in between. Keep up the good work.

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    I think they are mismatched even otherwise.

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    the flappers on the side make it seem like she could just fly away if she got too bored watching the movie!!! what was she thinking? and white sandals..really??

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    mj, LOL.

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    what were they thinking, they need to buy 2 full length mirrors in their house!

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    ummm what is she wearing?
    i stared for a while but cant figure it out

    he looks ok in comparison

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    she’s always cute ya

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    In one of their Interviews… maria said that she buys the kinda stuff that no one else has… lol.. that explains this..

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    I thought they were getting divorced?! Can never keep up with these celebrities. But eww.

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    I didn’t get arshad’s wife’s shirt–don’t know where its going… and seems like arshad just woke up, got out of bed, and came here :[[

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