1. Does she really bought all these outfits or is this an ad… i feel like watching a Swapnil Shinde runway just with amrita as the model :S

  2. The model looks awesome, although the top staying up is a feat against gravity.
    I wish Amrita would have tied up her scraggly hair, would have looked better.

  3. I agree with miray.. but I also think Amrita looks pretty good in the blue dress that Mughda wore as well as this one… similar yes and I def wouldn’t wear them consecutively but I thought she looked good :S It def looks better on the model but that’s…obvious.

  4. Well, maybe she was trying to find out if ‘the third time is a charm’ applies to her dresses…she almost got it right this time. I like the hair, not overdone, and the shoes and the belt go with the dress. but she should have cut off the fringe at the hem. And maybe put some lotion on her knees next time :-) She might get it all right on the fourth try!


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