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  1. kismet at | | Reply

    she looks nice in indian clothes, just wish she would drape the dupatta nicely so we could see the dress better.

  2. Ngm82 at | | Reply

    wow! she looks stunning! love her suit..

  3. Aarthi at | | Reply

    I think the way she has the dupatta draped makes the the outfit appear a little shapeless.
    She looks pretty and all….nothing mind blowing…
    I really want to get myself a white anarkali PRONTO…

  4. Silpa at | | Reply

    She looks like shes drowning in the outfit! Too much material.

  5. AB at | | Reply

    Do you know who the outfit is created by? I want it!

  6. preeths at | | Reply

    she looks beautiful
    i half expected her fake birkin but looks like she is mending her ways

  7. dn at | | Reply

    Lovely dress, maybe a bit much heavy for her. But she looks good. And after all the awful appearances, this is so refreshing.

  8. DilliBilli at | | Reply

    She shouldn’t let designers, aka costumers, palm off any old gunny sacks to her.

  9. deewani at | | Reply

    beautiful outfit… I just got back from India..but did not find a single pretty white outfit… high heel confidential has upped my choice… we don’t get such gr8 looking clothes anywhere except in mumbai I guess…anywhere I went.. the shop ppl were like..give us a picture we’ll make it for u in 30 days..i was like umm…i dont have that much time in India..boohoo :(…

  10. Mads at | | Reply

    Beautiful outfit! Love the touch of pink in dupatta, adds a little something to the all white dress.

  11. suchi at | | Reply

    very pretty, agree with kismet, she shd have worn the dupatta better. also the dress is a better version of kiran juneja’s!

  12. Namrata at | | Reply

    It is an abu jani sandeep khosala creation….. the dupatta has 12 diff designs of chikan and hence is called the calendar dupatta… they do similar saris also… the outfit is matched accordingly

  13. HK at | | Reply

    Is this the trend now? Seems like so many women have been wearing this collar-type kameez.

  14. Nisha at | | Reply

    It looks like an Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla outfit. Very elegant!

  15. mj at | | Reply

    she has redeemed herself..and she needed a lotta brownie points to do that, considering past atrocities…does anyone remember the black gown with weird pearl strings draped around one shoulder like she was on a leash…i believe it was for a jewelry store opening!!
    anyhoo, focusig on the positives…she looks great here…a little weight loss and indian outfits that highlight her face seem to be the way to go for her!!

  16. Aastha Jain at | | Reply

    the link provided doesn’t lands up where it is supposed to be.. it takes to the homepage.. please correct !

  17. desi gurl at | | Reply

    finally !

  18. koel at | | Reply

    The outfit is beautiful but she is drowning in all that material. She is a petite woman and slightly heavy on the mid section. She should shy away from these type of anarkalis.

  19. Clueless at | | Reply

    Why does Vidya try and fail with those western outfits that don’t suit her body type when she can look so gorgeous in an anarkali?

  20. pdaervo at | | Reply

    she looks pretty…but yeah, there is too much material
    she’s making up for her mistakes!

  21. manisha at | | Reply

    for some reason this outfit reminds me of kiran juneja’s at the star screen awards.

    but she looks nice :)

  22. Shuchi at | | Reply

    She looks divine!

  23. monika at | | Reply

    Great! She’s looking so good.
    White churidars are really in. White & Silver looks great together Time to wear mine.

  24. Neha Kapoor at | | Reply

    maybe she’s been reading this blog :P

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