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  1. saya at | | Reply

    LOL! maybe it can double-up as a parachute in emergencies.

  2. apsara77 at | | Reply

    i think it’s supposed to be a really ugly shalwar kameez! i think it would have worked better minus the gold churidaar…

  3. chuck bass is hot at | | Reply

    i thought it was alright….until i scrolled to the bottom and saw that gold foil churidaar. yikes!

  4. mj at | | Reply

    someone should tell her that the remake of umrao jaan has already been done, so what is she auditioning for…escape parachute in a Bond movie?

  5. Silpa at | | Reply

    hehe – poor thing probably walked out the door thinking she was looking good :(

  6. Nams at | | Reply

    jeesh,.. shoulders make it look like shes auditioning for the role of a court jester!

  7. koel at | | Reply

    Almost everything is wrong with this outfit. The only positive thing is the makeup and the young lady’s smile.

  8. Sonia99 at | | Reply

    What a disaster!
    @mj – That’s so funny!

  9. chaahi at | | Reply

    omg horrendous!!

  10. malini at | | Reply

    her fashion idol is her MOM.. enough said./////////////

    has anyone seen what ILLA ARUN wear???/
    that explains…it’s in the genes.. to dress badly and flashy

  11. manisha at | | Reply

    oh. my. god. i want to take some scissors and just cut her sleeves off pronto!

  12. me at | | Reply

    oh my god the Gold era and Gold rush is long gone missy

  13. V at | | Reply

    Oh My……thats just ghastly looking…what a waste of a pretty face.

  14. salzie at | | Reply

    tht is prettyyyyyyyyyyyy..lolz wow

  15. Rashmi at | | Reply

    gave me a good laugh!

  16. pdaervo at | | Reply


  17. Nida at | | Reply

    It’s like a medieval princess and a mughal princess got together and tried to design an outfit…

  18. ChaltaPhirta at | | Reply

    actually ila arun i think dresses quite well, she has this ethnic chic thing going for her that she (mostly) does well

  19. ar00j at | | Reply

    @mj & saya& nida: hahah you guys def nailed it!!

  20. clara at | | Reply

    lol @ mj, nida
    thank god there isn’t a peach sequined dupatta

  21. tara at | | Reply


  22. Shi at | | Reply

    I think she is auditioning for the Indian chick’s role in the new star trek flick. I don’t know why else she would wear this? And god knows I love Ishita!

  23. ananya_s at | | Reply

    “What on earth is that outfit supposed to be?!?!”
    hehehheehehhe…true..vvvvery true..

  24. hs at | | Reply

    who d hell could have designed such anATROCIOUS outfit???????????

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