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  1. Sapphire at | | Reply

    The dress is fab but look at her sandals…UGHHHHHH!!!

  2. Sumi at | | Reply

    I wonder how these starlets can afford all this designer stuff..clothes, shoes, purses you name it..I can see Gauri Khan or Aishwarya owning them, but these upcoming starlets with 2 item songs to their name, how are they able to afford all this stuff?

  3. Anon at | | Reply

    The dress is not that expensive- it’s just $148..

  4. Priti at | | Reply

    They are paid very well. Plus they do a lot of stage shows and event appearences…she looks good here…could have had better shoes.

  5. kashmira at | | Reply

    $148 is not really “just” $148!

  6. mia at | | Reply

    modelling for print ads and commercials on tv pay the bills as well. why else do you think oxford educated folks like soha ali khan give up banking to spend their days running around trees and miming to songs : )

  7. Anon at | | Reply

    kashmira, $148 is a lot for you and me, but if you compare a $148 Marciano dress with clothes by other higher end designers, it is realtively much cheaper.. btw I see women in India buying sarees etc worth RS. 3000-4000+ .. This dress would be comparable to that..

  8. Surbhi at | | Reply

    maybe these guys borrow it.. still liking her in the dress..

  9. Sharin at | | Reply

    There ARE

  10. Sharin at | | Reply

    oops so that totally got sent before I was ready. There ARE a lot of times when I wonder..how the heck did Miss SmallTime get that LV bag, or Chanel this n that. A lot of the time though I’m pretty shocked at how affordable some of this stuff really is. I actually thought that all of them would be dressed a lot more high-end than is the case.

  11. Sharin at | | Reply

    Oh yea and that being said…I would think they can work out some kind of endorsement deal with a clothing brand? But yea we don’t really see so much of the work that they do, we just watch the one or two movies a year of Neha for example but she could be busting her butt doing appearances, modeling, etc.

  12. Violet at | | Reply

    i love this dress esp on the model. but neha is looking good too.

  13. pdaervo at | | Reply

    like the sandals too…but she still looks FAB

  14. desibuff at | | Reply

    well done neha! everything works well, the hair, the accessories, the figure, and the working-it!

  15. arbitary at | | Reply

    Neha looks so lovely. I remember a few years ago one of her producers said (very unkindly) – Neha’s hips are like a container!

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