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    I tried really hard to like her outfits. And I mean really hard, but sorry, no cigar. Her first look reminds me of a night gown circa 1970 Housewives of New Hampshire, the second of a poorly fitted kimono, and the third like colour blocking gone terribly, terribly, wrong.

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      Lol @ Housewives of New Hampshire! ITA with your descriptions…the third one looks like they ran out of the black, shiny material. She’s such a pretty lady but even she can’t elevate any of these looks!

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    I think i wd be the only person liking none of her outfits ever.Only pretty thing is her face

    1. RUCHii at | | Reply

      not alone sista..her second pic makes me wanna scream a kungfu-karate style Yeee-Haaaw.. :)) fail to understand why she insists on continuously wear clothes that are 2 sizes too big!!

  4. sab at | | Reply

    such a pretty lady with a horrible dressing sense:-( sad

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    I want to like her style and I see the individuality but she always wears things that make her look frumpy or broad…

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    attractive lady but imho this silhouette does nothing for her.

  7. kasthuri at | | Reply

    It is just so REFRESHING to see neatly tied up hair like that. Most people appearing on this blog think of it as aunty-ish and end up leaving it untied and untidy but she looks so elegant and classy neck up in all the looks.

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    It’s a joke, right? Every single one of those outfits has fashion disaster wrriten all over it!

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    terrible. none of these work. they just make her look frumpy. sorry, but i think her sense of style is just disastrous. almost like trying too hard to be different, all the time.

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    How and what can I like in any of this. miserable fail! although she still manages to look sweet,wearing all those yards of ugly clothing..

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    Blah, frump and ick. How is it possible to have a favorite in these?

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    She looks fabulous in all!

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      ditto. its some thing different and really desi bohemian and always looks comfortable.. Love it.

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    I get the concept of what Simone is trying to do, but most often, the reality falls flat. First picture is too close to those aunties in nighties you see in the sabzi mandi in broad daylight; second, as someone said, looks like just-finished-karate-class, and the third is i-started-with-the-idea-of-color-blocking-but-ran-out-of-red-material.
    I’ll say one thing for her – she is a beautiful woman and is never boring, and that is saying something!
    by the way, love the new term ‘DeBo,’ PnP!! :-)

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    Neither of the three, but that gold necklace In pic 3 is lovely!

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    when I saw this pictures I honestly thought she was going to get a rant from you guys. Can’t believe you actually bothered to invent a word to avoid these fashion disasters.

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