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  1. kiwi at | | Reply

    The Pants make this a WTHEYY look

  2. Adit at | | Reply

    The trousers are riding slacks from Mango from London. Her hair looks great and she kept the colours nuetral. But since she is not one of the Kapoor sisters, she gets a Wthey.

    1. frutu at | | Reply

      true true true…i knw wht u mean…sum1 like sonam kapoor or her sis rhea n all…dis is d first thing tht came 2 my mind on reading wht PnP said abt Simone

      1. anna at | | Reply

        one of us said it’s WTHEYY..can’t u see it’s not working at all. if u like it then say u like it, why drag the Kapoor sisters everywhere. it’s not like all the posts are on them, or maybe their impacts on u have been huge. how many appearances have rhea made in this blog so far and how many have the others have made? she is promoting a movie and she happens to be a girl who happens to be young and loves fashion, so she would obviously be in this blog. this is for people who keep dragging their names in every discussion.

        1. duh at | | Reply

          and suddenly no one says anything about her wearing the jacket. it’s only an issue when Sonam or Rhea wears a jacket. waiting to pick on every single thing they wear or not wear.

          1. Jazz at |

            noooooooooo guys y’all are getting it wrong. I think what Adit means is that this look COULD’ve worked on Sonam and Rhea, because they got the kind of edgy personalities which are needed for getting away with something so tough to pull off.

            And u must’ve noticed that Sonam often wears this kinda stuff and pulls it off. On the other hand, Simone exudes a very cute, soft, girl-next-door vibe which doesnt go with the whole bohemian, super-edgy thing she’s trying to pull off. Nobody’s accusing people of being partial or anything. :)

    2. KityPurry at | | Reply

      they can carry them off, simone cannot. get over it. p n p have freedom of choice.

    3. cooks at | | Reply

      Strange..I thought the same thing…if they had been wearing it, I am sure it would have gotten a different reaction. But Simone does look dreadful..not age appropriate.

    4. Anu C at | | Reply

      exactly same clothes can look completely different on different people. If sonam was wearing it, it might have worked – or not – who knows. Kapoor sisters are not in this picture, but Simone is. On her, the fit is off and that fringed clutch is dreadful and thats that.
      If you like it, thats cool too – because that is what the comments are for. you should not be dissed for what you like on simone and pnp should not be dissed for what they like on sonam.

      1. Ann at | | Reply

        P&P LOVE Simone and her styling. I have been visiting their blog for what seems like ages now, and I have seen the love flowing through!!!! ;)

        If they are not liking this appearance, it’s not bcoz of who the wearer is, but genuinely coz of the clothes!!!! Lets allow them to make their comments on their blog!!

        1. frutu at | | Reply

          o summon u all…v hav freedom of voice 2…so v write wht we feel n think n it shows if PnP approve it…so dont u try n shoo any1 away…luv wht both PnP r doing…no need 2 write it over n over again guys…so chill

    5. princess_sim at | | Reply

      @Adit – she kept the colors neutral and went over-board with EVERY thing else! definitely not good fashion.

  3. Pranx at | | Reply

    The make-up!see how her face looks pancaked against the neck!

    1. Usha at | | Reply

      that’s because of the light……her face always looks fresh.
      Dont care for the look btw….
      @ Adit….totally agree with what you say. C’mon PnP , you can’t be so biased about the Kapoor sisters….esp. Rhea

  4. madonnayumnam at | | Reply

    the sheer ruffled shirt with the Victorian cuff is so OTT. the blazer hurts the eye (literally).
    but i love the brogues alone.i have been craving for one is black and white. its such a waste for this ghastly outfit!

  5. R at | | Reply

    I don’t see why this is so bad. And I quite like the shirt. Not that she’s wearing just a sheer shirt.

  6. npm at | | Reply

    Those are riding breeches. And she looks fresh and edgy and in a refreshing change from the usual Bollywood starlet style, isn’t wearing shrink wrapped clothing and drag queen makeup…

    1. Balquis at | | Reply

      I am in agreement with you; I don’t quite see how this is in bad taste. I didn’t read about this look being reserved for the Kapoor sisters only and as for the outfit being age inappropriate, she is covered up and not body flaunting, what sort of outfit would it take for her to be “age appropriate? I am not lost on Simone’s plot either.

  7. KS at | | Reply

    Well individual pieces may not be great but put together i don’t get the fuss. She looks pretty good.

  8. shireen at | | Reply

    Looks like she was going for French chic & a classic B&W look on Bastille day and ruined it with the untucked shirt. Her boyfriend blazer makes it worse by shortening the line of her legs & making them look stumpy.

  9. princess_sim at | | Reply

    this is soo bad! so so so bad!

  10. mahak at | | Reply

    simone is one of the most graceful woman iv seen in this industry..and as usual she carries this look beautifully

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