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  1. Kiwi at | | Reply

    Like Roshni’s look.. Simone has lost the plot

    1. debbie at | | Reply

      just my thought…Roshni works it!

  2. fashionfreak at | | Reply

    oh my god. Simone Noooooo! What was she thinking? Why would anyone do this to themselves. This is a WTHEY for me. Yuck.

  3. ZI at | | Reply

    I saw the top half of Simones pic and I was like….she looks nice. The bottom half is just hideous.
    Roshni looks blah!! Pretty clutch though….

  4. J at | | Reply

    Tights or Skinny pants on Simone and she would’ve looked HOT!

  5. mmm at | | Reply

    roshni looks really good and even though her trousers are not the correct lenght, it’s not too noticeable. simone on the other hand looks a mess. i don’t like the bow or her billowing trousers.

  6. monika at | | Reply

    Roshni looks fine but Simone is a complete disaster

  7. Mel at | | Reply

    Simone looks like she has dressed up for a fancy dress event. Roshni’s is too plain.

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