Three-Way Ditto


Turns out that not only was this Mango dress worn by Narayani and Konkona, Shweta also wore this to the premiere of ‘Welcome to Sajjanpur’. Who do you like it best on?

P.S. Thanks ‘Sushma’ for the Shweta tip-off.


Left: Shweta Salve at ‘Welcome To Sajjanpur” Premiere, Sep 2008
Center: Narayani Shastri at Real Channel Launch Bash, Mar 2009
Right: Konkona Bakshi at Lakme Fashion Week, Mar 2009


Mango Gina Top

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. THey all look the same to me – wore it equally well I think..although I dont really like the dress that much to begin with…

  2. A nice pattern ruined by that satin mid-section part. So the dress is completely ruined for me. Shweta Salve looks really nice though, as always. Her hair and make up is always very subtle.
    On an aside, what’s with MNG making the ugliest maxi dresses this season?

  3. Both Shweta & Narayani wear it well. Konkana’s hair is blah & she has some grey stuff peeping from under the bust area. Maybe it’s a different version of the dress!

  4. nice dress, I am glad all three have kept accessories to the minimum. The dress looks best on Konkana (do not like her hair), but overall Shweta looks the best

  5. I have a canvas beach bag from mango with the exact same design, colour etc. Its like Mango ran out of ideas. A bit disturbing.

  6. I like it on the mannequin. Its a cute design and cut but all our desi girls are wearing it the long way and that just kills the style imo.

  7. Movie aficionados will remember that Sskel&Ebert used to say “Two thumbs up”….but I say “Three thumbs down!” for the dress.

  8. i like it best on shveta..its what she has done with her the print is bold and busy on the dress , she tied her hair in a chignon,diverting the focus to her pretty face..and not a lot of women can tied up hair.also i think if she wore this for sajjanpur’s premier,then she was the 1st one the wear my vote goes to shveta..

  9. to begin with.. the dress is neither impressive nor attractive, and the third lady… konkana eeekks her hair and make – up..!!!Shweta sure has a body to carry it off well…..!!!!

  10. Hmmm… the dress is pretty average. But Narayani pulls it off best. Shweta Salve looks like she’s got way too much foundation on her face (or is that the light?)…


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