In Swapnil Shinde


Shweta wore her Swapnil Shinde skirt with a velvet purple top and gold-tone sandals while at the recent Awards. Not a fan of the shoes but ankle-up, she makes the separates work.


Left: Swapnil Shinde, LFW Spring 2014
Right: Shweta Bharadwaj At Grey Goose Fly Beyond Awards

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. She somehow salvaged a look that would have most definitely looked tacky on others. Purple velvet top and gold woven skirt sounds tacky even while imagining it. So props to her for not looking fugly. The shoes work conceptually, but not in reality.

  2. No idea who this lady is, but she did something quite impressive. She managed to actually take the look up a notch compared to the runaway. Love it! Bravo!

  3. wow. she has done some kind of magic. the skirt was horrendous on the runway. this girl makes it look classy somehow, that too with a velvet top!

  4. Poor paithani weave, its splendour reduced to a strip on an indifferent skirt. PnP as fashion bloggers you should be at least able to id a garment beyond the label. No ad revenue in it but you lose cred by being obsessed with labels.


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