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  1. preeti at | | Reply

    she is so tall & beautiful, she should have been a catwalk model… x

  2. yaya at | | Reply

    beautiful….Aishwarya take notes lol anyway i really love this and her facial bone structure is beautiful….she look like a model

  3. Sassy_girl at | | Reply

    Shweta looks like a supermodel here .. absolutely stunning photos

  4. rêve at | | Reply

    For someone who has always been away from glitz and glamor, shweta has a good body language. not a fan of the clothes she is wearing

  5. Anu at | | Reply

    WOw, she looks just like Kim Kardashian in the second pic! The yellow outfit/makeup is not flattering at ALL.

  6. Dits at | | Reply

    she looks very plain jane and the clothes are mostly very garish.Do not like it one bit

  7. PeachBellini at | | Reply

    no doubt, she is pretty. but like i said in the previous post on her, i’m beginning to OD on bachchan’s. also, this particular shoot i find is sensory overload.

  8. keya at | | Reply

    Wow…. Now i’ve got to say… I AM LOVING this photoshoot… she completely stunnssss…..
    All of them are gorgeous and impressive other than the black LV top one… This girl have got it…

  9. keya at | | Reply

    OMG I keep looking at these pictures again and again… good work… I cant bneleive its sweta… I’ve seen her dressed up so many times but OMG she rocks my screen here….

  10. Indian Girl at | | Reply

    I don’t know whats wrong with this shoot, but I’m not feeling it all

  11. suchi at | | Reply

    wow looking really great in all except the yellow outfit.

  12. S at | | Reply

    looks amazing in the first picture and average in all the rest.the yellow pants make her look bottom heavy.love that first top and that patterned bag

  13. Rashmi at | | Reply

    can’t believe she’s the mother of TWO!! what a great body! Also she looks like Tabu in some pics…is she trying to channel her parents’ and brother’s footsteps and foray into cinema? hmmm…

  14. shikha at | | Reply

    she is ok but her face is not not that good for modelling and all ….

  15. Putigal at | | Reply

    LV’s sread in a magazine just undermines the aggresive nature in which the brand is positioning itself in India.

    Notice that unlike other publications in the western world wherein no single brand can get an exclusive 5 page spread LV is doing it in India.

    Shwetha dons every single LV item without mixing it with any other brand.
    Quite in your face really and so not inspiring

  16. Kimz604 at | | Reply

    Aww what a cute brother and sister…I LOVE their relationship…you can tell they are soooo close!

  17. divya at | | Reply

    Unfortunately for Shweta she is no model and despite the best photographer/makeup artist/clothes/locations she will still be just an ordinary looking lady whose sis in law is the most beautiful woman in world! Why put yourself thru all this posing etc for mag’s-just setting yourself up for ridicule.

  18. pdaervo at | | Reply

    she DOES look quite a bit like her daddy!
    the poses are very ridged and contrived, but her makeup is fab in the last pic.

  19. aish at | | Reply

    is she a model as well?? she makes all the clothes look sooo gooood….

  20. Sim at | | Reply

    She seems to have such strong features yet you hardly notice her face int hese picures, and the make up looks really bad int he last 3 pics. The black and gold dress pic is simply terrible.

  21. Pri at | | Reply

    I quite like this spread, although something about it is a bit off; quite possibly her expressions in the pictures? Something about them looks unnatural – and before I get a million responses saying it’s a photoshoot and we can’t expect it to be ‘natural’, what I mean is some of her expressions look weirdly forced and nearly awkward to look at!!!!

    That said, I like the picture of her in the red military jacket, it’s different and I like the one right at the top, the Louis Vuitton one, that is. The angle of the picture compliments her face structure where as the others are more head on and make her seem harsh.And I like the set as well and how it completely contrasts with her clothes but still manages to look good. But I think a different set could have been equally interesting and highlighted the clothes more, which I’m guessing was the objective of this shoot.

  22. me at | | Reply

    I am praying that Photoshop finds its way to my pictures, I think I will look like a diva or a goddess, if certain people can look this good, imagin what photoshop can do for beautiful peps

  23. Kashmira at | | Reply

    She reminds me a lot of Tabu!

  24. koel at | | Reply

    lol @ me. So true, lately I think all you need to be a celeb or a model is Photoshop by your side

  25. FPDP at | | Reply

    WOW! Awesome! She has a great face and amazing body!

  26. Shweta at | | Reply

    She does look like Kim Kardashian…especially in the last pic. The photoshoot is ok, nothing too spectacular.

  27. Nepali at | | Reply

    I like the first picture from third row.
    Putigal, agree. I also realised that L’Official always uses Louis Vuitton all the time in all the spreads, and picks one or two Indian designer, such as Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla.
    I have never been a fan of LV clothes. I mean, I don’t remember lusting over a garment by LV. Their source of running the business is through selling bags. I don’t know what stores are there in India, I am guessing LV, CD and Gucci, and not sure about others. Maybe the clothes are not selling well in other continents so they are forcing it in a new market where western designers are becoming popular, or LV clothes are easy access in India than the others or, the magazine is partners with LV.

  28. nisha at | | Reply

    I think she really looks great, but I always think she looks great. I will say this and it is not negative about her or any of the designers, but I am getting tired of seeing the same designers over and over again in Indian fashion layouts.

  29. Kimmy at | | Reply

    You CANNOT tell me that that second row pic isn’t FIERCE.

    If anything, Shweta’s brother and sister and law are overrated looks-wise! Perfection is one’s greatest flaw. I absolutely love her face because she owns her features and uses them well. Though I am hardly a fan of the clothes in this spread, I think she wears every single piece quite well, and I would love to see her do some more work!

    Just not in overly glamorized, pretty much tacky brand-exclusive photoshoots! Shame on you, LV!

  30. Surbhi at | | Reply

    I cant blv Shweta B is sooo gorgeous!! its awesome.. her height.. her posture, her bone structure.. blown away!

  31. preeths at | | Reply

    she looks very average in the photoshoot. in most pictures, she looks awkward and uncomfortable.

    quite pretty in the first pic, in the last picture- she is just lying there. her eyes arent emoting at all. but all in all, IMO there is no fierceness, no charm and no magnetism that makes you want to look at her over and over. just some random person in designer wear!

  32. akaa at | | Reply

    I don’t like the spread but she is really good…
    She comes across as a very strong personality.. I mean that;s a real woman…
    Good for her that she’s not into Bolllywood, else the OTT-ness there would have reduced her to the likes of everyone whho’s there, including Sis-in-law and Bro!!

  33. Fancy Nancy at | | Reply

    Wow! Great legs!
    I find her very classy, calm and collected.

  34. Mita at | | Reply

    I don’t agree about Shweta being a plane Jane. I think this girl has got ‘IT” . Why isn’t she in the modelling or movies? She is so much better than Abhisek. She has great height and bone structure. And I cannot believe she is 35-36 yrs old, she looks very fresh.( I know photoshop is involved, but still..)

  35. Bloo at | | Reply

    Divya, you seem to know exactly how Sweta’s mind works…But i’d like to disagree with you. I don’t think she is trying to compete with Aishwarya.Abu jani are friends of her family. Even before Abji got married to Aish she walked the ramp for them. I don’t think she had Aish as a competition in mind then. May be she found the idea of a shoot with her bro a novel one. PnP, my comment probably won’t get approved but something about what Divya said bothered me.

  36. Sonam_rocks at | | Reply

    Its very average…Very blattantly photoshopped… Im afraid no WOW factor…

  37. annie at | | Reply

    What is the point of these pictures? We all know what Shweta actually looks like in real life!!

  38. neha at | | Reply

    very beautiful .. stunning bone structure .. she could have been a model.
    but the first 2 pics, i think those clothes would look more natural on a 20 year old … they should have gone for elegant rather than kitsch-y
    love the 4rth pic in black sitting in that dress

  39. jay at | | Reply

    She once said she doesnt have the face to get into the glam industry. That’s not true at all, Shweta! You’re quite a looker! Unconventionally so, but yeah, she’s good looking

  40. Ratan at | | Reply

    Fab!! She looks stunning. Wish I could say the same for all the outfits, athough I do like the first dress – the choco & violet dress. And I am in love with the orange pumps she is wearing with the black corset dress!!

  41. Preeti at | | Reply

    Note to Divya… If everyone thought like you then all the girls in bollywood would be out of work. Given Ash is pretty, But she is not the ONLY woman in the world who is beautiful. Shweta has far more grace and poise than ash, and when she opens her mouth shweta actually sounds good. Looks are not everything….Well green peeps or a fish pout for that matter!! Anyway like I said before well done to shweta who looks amazing in her pics, I agree the pose in the yellow outfit is not her best, but she looks good in the rest.

  42. _*Dia*_ at | | Reply

    i somehow like this photoshoot. for someone who has never been in front of the camera, dressing up in such non-conventional clothes requires confidence. she pulls them off quite well. :)

  43. madhu at | | Reply

    the photoshoot is great…shweta’s been photoshopped but she looks great

  44. melange at | | Reply

    Love the make-up in the last pic. Not a fan of anything else. And that is some tacky LV bag in the third pic on the right.

  45. zara at | | Reply

    @Preeti: Thank you!! This woman is statuesque, has a great body even after two kids, and rocks her strong facial features, but she’s still considered a “plain Jane”? Do some of you ladies have impossibly high standards of beauty? She may not have the delicate features that some people tend to favor, but she is an attractive woman who exudes a sense of elegance.

  46. diptiN at | | Reply

    She has very strong features, looks great, different. I have seen several of her photos in the soceity magazines and she is always very well put together, one would never see her in a bikini saree blouse or an outfit with her assets hanging out. I love the photo with her hair tied back and the shoes she is wearing with the black dress are beautiful. She also looks great in the last photo.

  47. The Enlightened One at | | Reply

    I am sorry but the whole shoot is a little over done. The clothes which as eparates would not have looked all that bad are overstyled and appear to be a little over bearing

    Shweta’s looks and expressions look forced. And they are not STERN or FIERCE but blank in a very bored manner.

    Her profiles shot sitting on the ofa is not bad but again spoilt with over styling.

    Every thing is too busy….

  48. Aathira at | | Reply

    I think she is looking amazin…

    I am anyhow biased to dusky beauties!

  49. CocoNUT at | | Reply

    Unfortunately for Shweta she is no model and despite the best photographer/makeup artist/clothes/locations she will still be just an ordinary looking lady whose sis in law is the most beautiful woman in world! Why put yourself thru all this posing etc for mag’s-just setting yourself up for ridicule.

    @ divya – So just because her sister in law is Aishwariya Rai the “most beautiful woman in the world” she has to hide under a rock all her life? That’s just stupid. Just because Aish is her sis in law doesn’t mean you can compare them, they’re both very different! Also, why not put yourself out there like that, especially in such a nice photo shoot like this? You can’t just hide all your life because you’re scared someone is going to ridicule you…

    I absolutely loveee this photoshoot, it’s so lush and regal!! I also really like Shweta as a model, she has very sharp, striking features. And unlike alot of acctresses’ (preity, kareena, priyanka, shilpa) photoshoots/magazine covers, Shweta actually looks like she knows how to model the clothes and accessories, and doesn’t look akward.

  50. charan at | | Reply

    @divya – Your statement reminds me of “gone with the wind” where scarlett thinks she is much better than Melaine and ends up realising what a strength she was… this could be one of those cases.

    Also, anyone who has money and network can get a photoshoot done.
    What i like about this shoot is, even though she is dressed up an all, she still has not “i am a star” look on her face. Absolutely love it!

  51. R at | | Reply

    she would make a fab model!
    brillliant pics. love all, except the yellow outfit…

  52. ena at | | Reply

    it is just me, or is this shoot just too flash for the lady… there seems to be a character mismatch…

  53. Raju at | | Reply

    FANTASTIC photos… well done to all involved, they look great!

  54. Gayatri at | | Reply

    She’s a far cry from what she looked before – an ugly horse. Now with all the cosmetic surgery, she looks like a sophisticated but ugly mare.

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