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  1. anne at | | Reply

    its yuck!

    1. Vijetha at | | Reply

      Totally second that!

  2. Iris at | | Reply

    Dear Shweta. Christmas is still 6 days away. Sincerely.

  3. SS at | | Reply

    Not really feeling the contrast of orange/coral with light pink.

  4. Puja at | | Reply

    if u realise hw overwhelming,dated and/or blingy Indian-wear Juhi is wearin in Ratan Tata’s book launch…
    ts is no less in the same line..
    odd color combo nt in a good sense.. plus anarkali n long sleeves.. ths is dated n overwhelming predefined.. no matter hw tall Shweta is its stl overwhelming..

  5. Star at | | Reply

    I agree…this outfit screams for pastel colours, orange is the worst possible colour they could have chosen!

  6. dips at | | Reply

    To me, she looks good!

  7. dazzled at | | Reply

    a lil too orange for my taste…imo..a churidaar as busy as this looks great in pastel shades…dark/vibrant colors make them look a lil tacky…

  8. Prism at | | Reply

    I love it..Its bright, fresh and she carries it off well…love the Jimmy Choo slingbacks…they go perfectly with the look…

  9. slc at | | Reply

    Orange is not a good color for her. She should just simply give it Ash!

  10. shruti at | | Reply

    I completely agree the combination is very bad the pink and orrange don’t go together any one who has simple sense of colour combination would understand. Just because its a big label does not mean anything they dish out is great.

    On the other note Shweta looks just fine.

  11. Shriya at | | Reply

    I agree.

  12. Lalitha at | | Reply

    I am not really a fan of orange especially this BRIGHT shade of orange which reminds me of those fluorescent orange highlighters but I have to giver her props for 1. having the courage to wear this colour and 2. rocking the outfit.

  13. apeksha at | | Reply

    One word .. DATED !

  14. T at | | Reply

    Surprisingly, am really liking the suit & the way it looks on her! Brings out her complexion darn well.

    She’s always dresses very elegantly simply. This dress could have looked real bad but she wears it well!

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