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    This is her! Shruti – Lost and found!

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    Efffffffingggg hot

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    I love the idea of the whole outfit but am not sold on the execution. The tie looks shabby and brings the whole look down. Almost like she’s playing dress up with her dad’s clothes. Love the boots and the hair though.

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    Not a fan unless she was trying to chanel Charlie Chaplin.

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      exactly what I was thinking!!

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      exactly what I was thinking!!

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    Great look. I love it.

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    Had she pulled up her sleeves and worn lace oxfords instead of the horrid booties or whatever she is wearing, it would have been just the right level of irreverent. The make up should have been better – this look required more than just a strong lippie… Hate the teal/emerald nail paint – Wine/oxblood nails would have been perfect… Baby steps, hopefully in the right direction… I used to be in Chennai when Shruti was more into music and her band and was quite a regular feature in Chennai Times and other supplements and I remember really liking her overall devil-may-care-attitude towards dressing… So i am with you when you say you miss her “sexy with a side of irreverence” style… Bring that girl back already!!!

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      She is STILL the same. Nothing has changed though she is into movies now. The same “I have 0 f*cks to give” has always been her mantra and to hold that attitude down South takes a bit more than b*lls. :P

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    Nope….the look should have been a lot sharper to actually look sleek and androgynous. The untidy tie and the open collar makes this a not-quite.

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    No. Just no! Nice concept. Poor execution. The tie, clunky boots, red lip. I don’t like.

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    Nope, this doesn’t look sharp and well put together. The tie and collar are shabby. Boots don’t belong here, she should have worn oxfords. The make-up and hair are perfect though

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    Good on paper. But badly executed!

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