From Real To Print


Shruti features on the Jan edition of The Man magazine wearing an orange Drashta dress that you’ll also remember seeing on Poorna back in Dec 2011.


Left: Poorna Jagannathan at HT Mumbai’s Most Stylish Event
Right: Shruti Haasan on The Man


  1. LOVE the dress! And she did the right thing by going the less make-up route; she has really strong facial features and a little too much make up can ruin it. But this is all good!

  2. Shruti looks fab! It’s funny that they have actually kind of darkened her skin tone(She is so bloody pink) which is so unlike of Indian mags to do. :P

  3. I wish Poorna used some gloss or color on her lips She looks anemic due to absence of color .. every time .. she s a pretty gal


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